Got Grammar? Check Out our Favorite Writing Tool

Grammarly is a tool that checks for grammar errors even as I type this blog. That is invaluable for a virtual assistant to serve you and your customers well. This tool has saved me from many typos and mistakes that I might have missed if the little red underline had not popped up with a suggested edit just to the right of my mistake.

CPA help

Need Extra Help During Tax Season? Hire a Bookkeeping VA!

There are few people busier than CPAs and bookkeepers during tax season. So much so that many pull their hair out before getting halfway through these busy months.┬áThat is why Trusty Oak would like to offer CPA’s and bookkeepers a break. Throughout the month of April, Trusty Oak is offering a 20% discount on all bookkeeping services. Our Virtual Assistants have years of experience in bookkeeping and are ready at this moment to lighten your load this tax season.

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