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Trusty Oak Celebrates 4 Years in Business: Get a Peek Inside


The Seed Was Planted

In 2015, CEO and Founder Amber Gray took the leap and started a US-based virtual assistant firm. Her goal was to support ambitious people in pursuit of big dreams by providing her clients and virtual assistants with opportunities to reach their full potential. In particular, Amber dreamed of creating a company where freelancers could design a lifestyle they love by growing their own independent businesses through a collaborative community. Amber hoped to bring talented individuals together from all over the United States to form a supportive, interconnected remote work community. 

The Acorn Sprouted

Word spread of this new way of doing things. Amber espoused freedom and choice in the work environment for her virtual assistants and cost effective, focused solutions for her clients. Busy entrepreneurs were presented with a way to save time (and money!) by delegating repeatable, administrative tasks to experienced and trustworthy freelance assistants. VAs were given the option to choose where, when and how often they worked; they could watch their family grow, attend classes, travel or just be in the comfort of their own homes.  

The Sprout Grew Sturdy Roots and Branched Out

Today, Trusty Oak looks much different than its early beginnings—but it has kept its original sense of DIY spirit and community. Even though Trusty Oak has shown amazing growth with potential for much more, Amber and the leadership team strive to keep the work environment supportive and communicative with ample opportunity for connectivity between fellow VAs.  

Trusty Oak’s Growth

  • Currently, we have almost 40 virtual assistants in over 12 states, from California to New York. 
  • Since August of last year, we have increased the number of clients we support and now serve a total of 57 active clients as of this month.
  • Over the past 12 months, our VAs have tracked 10,802 hours, an average of 900 hours per month. These are hours spent improving our clients’ business; hours those clients can use to focus on high-value work. 
  • Over the past 12 months, Trusty Oak has accomplished 88% year-over-year growth as of Q2 2019. 

To all our incredible virtual assistants and clients, thanks for another great year!

We asked four virtual assistants to share their experience with us in honor of Trusty Oak’s 4th birthday. Check it out below for an inside look at what makes this company continue to flourish—our incomparable community of talented virtual assistants! 


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Julie Murray

Julie comes to us with almost 15 years of experience in the legal field. She has worked in several demanding office environments that have created a precise attention to detail, excellent time management skills and the ability to work with all types of people. Julie enjoys spending time with her dogs, volunteering at the local animal shelter, reading and watching movies at home. She is a former half and full marathon runner and is currently an avid spinning cyclist.

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