Nicole Sarro

Nicole Sarro

Relationship Success Coordinator

With Trusty Oak Since April 2018

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Nicole is Trusty Oak’s Relationship Success Coordinator, and serves as a liaison between our clients and VAs. Nicole is responsible for conducting regular check-ins with both the client and the VA, ensuring everything runs smoothly throughout the VA-client relationship.

Nicole was a Virtual Assistant with a full client load for Trusty Oak for nearly 2 years before transitioning into this role as Relationship Success Coordinator. Her expansive administrative background working with clients across various industries, coupled with her ability to project manage/delegate effectively made her an ideal candidate to mentor both our VAs and Clients on how to maximize their working relationships.

Prior to Trusty Oak, Nicole worked extensively in management/operations, and is highly skilled at processes. By continually seeking out the “why” and thinking outside the box, Nicole is able to influence changes behind the scenes which allow Trusty Oak to work smarter and better support our clients. 

Nicole has a parallel career as an actor, and discovered Trusty Oak while looking for a position that would allow her to work from anywhere; she has done just that, regularly working from different cities while traveling for an acting job or performance.  Nicole lives in the NYC area with her husband, 1st grader, and their 13-year-old Shih Tzu named Bette Davis.

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