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Three Ways to Build Rapport in Business Relationships

As virtual assistants we know that building trusting relationships with clients is key to ensuring everyone’s success. We strive to build trust through competence in our professional work and through displaying character that exudes reliability, honesty and a collaborative spirit in both our professional and personal relations.

Applying skills we have honed through the years and sharpening new or ‘less practiced’ skills is part of our everyday work which leads to our success and that of our clients. Here are just a few simple exercises to aid in building trusting, successful relationships.

Communicate Your Values

Know what is important to you. What are you willing to compromise? What is non-negotiable? Which three things take priority above all else? (If you’re not sure, take time to find and use a good values clarifying tool or quiz.)

Share those things with your partner or team members. Next, learn about them and their personalities. 

Learn Your Team’s Personalities & Priorities

A good team is an understanding one, and what better way to gain understanding than knowing another person’s personality? Some great tools that many businesses use are personality tests such as the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, and other useful quizzes that are great team-building activities and also lend insight into what may be important to various team members. 

Work to Find a Win-Win

Acknowledge that there are always multiple options. Think creatively and imaginatively when negotiating – think outside the box!  

Be willing to agree to disagree. Take turns implementing ideas, integrate multiple ideas or identify the common goal and focus on its effective and expedient completion, not on your own idea or opinion.  

Remember you are part of a team. It takes all parts to make an effective and winning team! Many leaders are so bogged down with administrative tasks, scheduling, marketing efforts, that team building sounds like a luxury that has to be on the back burner. But part of leadership and collaboration success is delegation, and we can help you make a plan. Reach out if you want assistance developing a strong strategy! 

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