Mia Roth


Mia Roth

Virtual Assistant

Based in Maryland
With Trusty Oak since 2023

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” —Karen Lamb

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About Mia

Mia Roth is an experienced virtual administrative and legal assistant, helping small businesses and law firms by taking care of your administrative needs, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. She joins the Trusty Oak team with over four years of general administrative experience, including two years as a paralegal, as well as over nine years of customer service experience. She specializes in general administrative and legal assistant work, providing support to a variety of businesses while working remotely. She brings with her a wide range of versatile strengths, making her a great asset to any team.


As a virtual legal assistant, Mia has supported a variety of law firms and legal professionals. This includes supporting a solo-attorney with probate administrations and final accountings, as well as supporting an expert witness with updating and streamlining their case management system, invoicing clients and recording payments, and communicating with retaining counsel. She also has experience supporting other firms with both general administrative and personal assistant tasks. She was also a hybrid-remote paralegal at a busy workers’ compensation firm, where she supported attorneys with hundreds of open cases. During her time at this firm, she gained experience in preparing exhibits and documenting finances for court hearings, scheduling medical evaluations, medical records retrieval, updating and tracking case progress in case management software, and case intake and closing. She also served as the primary point of contact for all clients and insurance adjusters for the duration of the cases she worked on.  As a result, Mia is a skilled legal assistant and would be an asset to any legal practice.


In addition to her legal assistant work, Mia is an experienced virtual administrative assistant. She can assist businesses with a variety of administrative tasks such as email and calendar management, scheduling, invoicing and billing, customer service, digital file management, data entry, and more. One of her biggest strengths is updating and managing CRM and project management systems, keeping business owners up-to-date and organized.


When she is not working, Mia enjoys spending time with her family, creating hand embroidered landscapes and pet portraits, and drinking way too much coffee. Mia lives in Maryland with her husband, son, bonus daughter, and two cats.

Working Hours

Monday - Friday: Flexible Schedule


Eastern Standard Time

Support Skills

CRM Management

Inbox/Calendar Management

File Management



Customer Service

Case Management System Management

Case Intake

Medical Records Retrieval

Electronic Filing

Client Communication

Industry Experience

Legal Services


Revenue Recovery

Software Experience


Clio Grow








Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn


Microsoft Office

Google Suite



Why people love Trusty Oak


The Trusty Oak team has been instrumental in helping me build my career. From administrative support and social media management to business planning, Amber and the Trusty Oak team have all the resources and people strength that I need to be successful. When a business need arises, I can trust that Trusty Oak will have a number of options and solutions that will work within my budget and time frame.

Todd Merry

Home of Hope Ministries


The Trusty Oak team has been instrumental in helping me build my career. From administrative support and social media management to business planning, Amber and the Trusty Oak team have all the resources and people strength that I need to be successful. When a business need arises, I can trust that Trusty Oak will have a number of options and solutions that will work within my budget and time frame.

Brandi R. Muñoz

Principal Workforce Development Consultant, People Culture Consulting


My experience with TRUSTY OAK was wonderful…getting my website more organized and cohesive. Having someone else take a deeper look at my website was really helpful and inspiring — we literally gave it a whole new look and feel. This freed up my time to focus on other things that I don’t usually have time for. Hannah was always available when I needed her and had a lot of great ideas and brought a fresh new perspective to my marketing. I felt like I was in really good hands and can highly recommend TRUSTY OAK.

Pascal Simon

Owner and Founder of Bake Austin


TRUSTY OAK rocks! I couldn’t be more pleased about the quality of work and their personal touch. With Amber as CEO, I can count on her to understand our needs, to be a great communicator, and a wonderful resource for us. I am continually impressed with how professional and capable TRUSTY OAK’s virtual assistants are. I highly recommend TRUSTY OAK to provide outstanding administrative assistance to organizations like ours.

Dona Raskin

Founder of Austin Kids Can!


Working with TRUSTY OAK has been an absolute pleasure. After several failed attempts with other VA firms, I have finally found a responsive, trustworthy, dependable assistant…adding much more value than the bare bones inbox and calendar management I was looking for. If you’re looking for a fractional assistant you can trust from day one, I highly recommend you work with TRUSTY OAK.

Tim Hamilton

Founder & CEO of Praxent, Austin, TX


My VA has done more for me in 20 hours of work than I’ve done in probably a year of just making things up on my own. That’s not a sales pitch, infomercial, or me being paid to say what I’m saying. It’s true. I’ve gotten a business card designed, a logo designed, website updated, streamlined for SEO, content written, colors and fonts changed, things I would have never thought about if I was doing this on my own.

Dave Bahr

Founder and CEO, In-Sightful Living


Adulting is hard. Entrepreneuring is harder. I don’t know where I would be on either if Trusty Oak hadn’t come into my life when they did. Partnering with them has allowed me to scale my business, organize my life, and accomplish goals that would have been out of my reach without their support. Their team is diverse in skillset and background—over the years I have been able to lean on them for everything from scheduling and travel booking to bookkeeping and invoicing to process engineering and implementation. They are proactive, trustworthy, and receive an enthusiastic recommendation from me!

Ilana Zivkovich

CEO, Werq


As an entrepreneur with several projects going in different directions, it’s hard to prevent some things from falling through the cracks. I’ve asked for a diverse list of tasks and they have done them all in stride, quickly, and way too politely. You can count on TRUSTY OAK to get things done fast and correctly, freeing you up to focus on building your business.

Clint Greenleaf

Board Director, CEO, Entrepreneur, Content Expert, CPA


It took a while to open to the idea of a VA – as a new business owner, I thought I could do everything. Well, I was wrong! Letting go of the things I don’t know how to do, or don’t do well at all and handing them to TRUSTY OAK helped me immensely. They take care of my website and social media and much more, and leave me time as the business owner to do the stuff I’m good at.

Eyal Gallico

Founder & IT Professional at TopMac, Austin, TX


I have worked with Amber on several website projects and her work is top notch. I am amazed by her attention to detail and her ability to drive a schedule. If you want something done well, and fast, TRUSTY OAK is what you are looking for!

Erika Heilman


Trusty Oak’s virtual assistant services have plugged a gap in our administrative needs and made my life easier during a year of hectic travel. Genny got up to speed quickly in understanding the nature of my work, and she’s efficient and professional in helping to manage complex calendaring and travel arrangements. This virtual arrangement has worked seamlessly for us!

Juila Freeland Fisher

Director of Education Research, Clayton Christensen Institute


Working with the VAs at Trusty Oak, I am better equipped to scale and grow my business. Their varied skill sets help open up the Cabéza Advertising portfolio of services, allowing us to better serve our clients and improve our value proposition.

Hose Garcia

CEO and Founder, Cabeza Advertising

Thought Leadership