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Delegate the day-to-day to a virtual administrative assistant

How much time do you spend doing work that doesn’t spark joy or bring in revenue? Hand off daily administrative tasks to a virtual assistant so you can focus on high-impact work.

Cut down on the tasks that pile up

When you started your business, you probably didn’t imagine spending so much time answering emails. Partner with a virtual assistant for the tasks that keep coming up.

Email Management

Overwhelming inbox? Admin support VAs organize the clutter and make sure you never miss a message.


Our freelancers are skilled at calendar management and can help you make the best use of your time.

Business Operations

You may not love organizing files and documenting systems, but there are people who do.

Invoicing & Expenses

An administrative assistant can help you stay on top of bills and get your invoices paid on time — or early.

Why partner with an administrative virtual assistant?

The tasks you spend the most time on are rarely the ones that deliver results. Delegating this kind of work lets you focus on growing revenue and brings you closer to building a business that runs without you.

Reduce your workload

You can’t do your best work when you’re overwhelmed with everything on your plate. Delegating your workload helps your business and more importantly, you.

Run more efficiently

Working with a VA lends an outside perspective on your business processes. If systems are challenging for you, we can pair you with someone to help set them up.

Protect your focus

Switching from task to task makes it harder to be productive. Hand off the daily jobs to get longer stretches of focused time for creative or strategic work.

How Trusty Oak VAs help Sam find more time for what’s important 

Sam needed administrative and marketing support that could increase when things got busy. She enjoys the ease of partnering with already-vetted virtual assistants and the flexibility to add hours when she needs to.

20 hours+ Per month delegated
2 Virtual assistants

How to get started

Trusty Oak makes hiring a virtual admin assistant smooth and seamless. We find the right VA for you in an average of 15 days, building your delegation strategy along the way so you feel ready to lead.


Book a call with us to talk about the tasks on your plate and learn about admin VA services. We’ll answer your questions about Trusty Oak and our US-based virtual assistants.


Start the VA matching process with a Growth Starter Pack. The package comes with 30 VA hours to use over your trial period, hands-on delegation training, and more.


Get matched with experienced VAs and onboard your virtual assistant with our support. We help you build your delegation strategy and adjust to your new partnership.


Get 5+ hours back per week to do more of what you love doing and started your business for. Choose your monthly plan and schedule or we’ll create one that fits your needs.

Learn more about administrative support

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Partner with the best administrative VA for you

Find more time to focus on what matters with a dependable VA handling the day-to-day operations. Get started with a call to learn about the process.