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Take your time back with the right virtual executive assistant

Leading your organization isn’t about doing everything well — it’s about delegating the right tasks to the people who can. We help you find some of those people.

Your company needs you at
your best

It’s hard to maintain peak performance with so many responsibilities on your plate. Delegating to an executive VA helps you be the best leader you can be for the team members and clients who count on you.

  • Make more time for strategic work
  • Stop working through lunch
  • Don’t miss emails or meetings
  • Minimize task switching
  • Focus on less to achieve more

Tasks you can delegate to executive virtual assistants

Switching from task to task is an inefficient way to work (and an easy way to burn yourself out). Delegating part of your workload creates more space for focused time. Learn about the kind of work you can hand off to US-based executive assistants in your timezone.

Email Management

Overflowing inbox? An executive assistant can help you stay on top of your messages and clear out the clutter, so you don’t miss anything important.

Calendar Management

How many times have you accidentally double-booked yourself or forgotten about a call? Virtual assistants for executives can manage schedules and prevent conflicts.

Travel Coordination

If you spend a lot of time booking flights, reserving accommodations, and submitting expense reports, let our VAs take travel-related tasks off of your plate.

Administrative Support

Administrative tasks are great jobs to delegate to your VA. They can help with customer support, invoicing, documentation, and keeping things organized.


You can put your VA hours towards research for projects or for lead generation. Our VAs can gather data about your target audience or interview stakeholders.

Personal Assistance

Some executive VAs also serve as personal assistants, managing your family calendar, making reservations, or buying gifts on your behalf.

How Trusty Oak’s flexible support has helped MTC

Mastery Transcript Consortium® initially partnered with Trusty Oak for executive virtual assistant services. As the business’s needs adapted over time, their Trusty Oak CSM helped them partner with VAs who could assist with a range of tasks across the organization.

100 hours+ Per month delegated
3 Virtual assistants

How to get started

We help you find the right partner in an average of 15 days, with no extra work on your part. Your CSM handles VA matching and helps you build your delegation strategy so you can start seeing results right away.


Schedule a call to learn how it works and identify the best tasks to hand off.


Get started with a Growth Starter Pack which includes your CSM, VA matching, and 30 hours to begin.


Get matched with an executive VA you can trust and start delegating with support.


Be more productive and focus your energy on high-level goals.

Amber L. Gray
Founder, Trusty Oak

About Trusty Oak

We understand how easy it is to overextend yourself as a leader. Our founder started Trusty Oak in response to the burnout she faced as VP of Operations at a fast-growing agency. Our VA matching process is easy for executives and affordable for their companies.

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