We provide task management help to busy professionals.

Let us take some tasks off of your plate so you can stay focused on achieving your goals.

Tasks we love

Manage Emails

Drowning in unopened emails every day? Your VA can sort through the mess and keep you organized with email management.

Schedule Appointments

Your calendar could be humming like a well-oiled machine with a virtual assistant’s help. Admin VAs are pros at managing your calendar.

Coordinate Travel

From booking flights to scheduling lodging, a virtual assistant can help with keeping your itinerary organized.

Improve Organization

Would you describe your company’s filing system and internal processes as “messy”? Our VAs can clean it all up and introduce better systems to help your business run smoothly.

Social Media Management

Our social media VAs can help you manage your social media accounts, improve engagement rates, and develop and maintain content calendars.

Manage Email Marketing

Nurture leads and close more deals with smart email marketing, all with the help of a marketing virtual assistant. Your VA can create email campaigns and help grow your list.

Content Creation

Blog posts, email content, website copy, and more—a virtual assistant can create marketing content to keep your messaging fresh and relevant.

Edit Video and Audio

Whether you’re developing a podcast, videos for a website, or other audio and video content, a VA can help and take the time-consuming editing tasks off your plate.

Manage Promo Materials

A virtual assistant can create promotional materials, including writing, designing, and publishing flyers, brochures, and more for your business.

Research & Gather Data

Working on a complex project? A virtual assistant can gather data, interview stakeholders, create documents and serve as a research assistant.

Administrative Support

From process improvement to customer support, a virtual assistant can provide wide-ranging general administrative support. Stop doing back office tasks today!

Bookkeeping Support

Keep your books up-to-date and make your accountant happy with a virtual bookkeeping assistant. Gain important financial insight with the help of a virtual assistant.

The trusty oak guarantee

At Trusty Oak, our core values are trust and respect. All Trusty Oak freelancers have gone through a careful and deliberate vetting process, ensuring they’re not only highly skilled but also honest, committed, and professional.

We Are:

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    Committed to Your Success

    We’re committed to our clients’ business growth.

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    Experienced Professionals

    We actively recruit the top freelancers in the U.S.

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    Trustworthy Support

    You’ll never, ever be ghosted by a Trusty Oak VA.

The trusty oak guarantee

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