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About Trusty Oak

Building a community of talented virtual assistants and confident leaders

Trusty Oak is an award-winning virtual assistant agency in the US that supports growth-oriented business owners and the best VAs in the country.

As a woman- and LGBT-owned company, our values guide us in creating partnerships that feel supportive and meaningful for all. We’re committed to cultivating an inclusive community of entrepreneurs and freelancers with diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

Helping clients take back 100k+ hours since 2016
Saving clients $6M+ by delegating to VAs
Partnering with 51 vetted US-based VAs

Whatever the dream, Trusty Oak can help you make it a reality.

Our Values

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    Keep growing. We believe that trust is equal parts character and competence, so we focus on developing both.

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    Collaboration always wins. We strive to support meaningful collaboration and make big dreams a reality.

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    Serve leaders to change the world. We believe that the way to greatness is by serving many, and when we serve leaders our impact is exponential.

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    Follow through on every commitment. Trust, respect, and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.

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    Communicate with transparency. We value frequent, clear, and open communication.

Meet the Team

Get to know our Trusty Oak corporate team. Our corporate team includes our dedicated support system of individuals in operations, client success, finance, talent management, and marketing.

The trusty oak guarantee

At Trusty Oak, our core values are trust and respect. All Trusty Oak freelancers have gone through a careful and deliberate vetting process, ensuring they’re not only highly skilled but also honest, committed, and professional.

We Are:

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    Committed to Your Success

    We’re committed to our clients’ business growth.

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    Experienced Professionals

    We actively recruit the top freelancers in the U.S.

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    Trustworthy Support

    You’ll never, ever be ghosted by a Trusty Oak VA.

The trusty oak guarantee

We’re here to help

Our process is designed to create successful, rewarding partnerships. Book a call or send us a message to learn more about how it works.