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Fire Yourself: Delegate Your Way to Freedom and Success

No one is born knowing how to delegate effectively, but anyone can learn. This self-led program is for new and emerging leaders who want to get the best return on their partnership with a virtual assistant.

Learn how to

  • Identify what to delegate
  • Share your expectations
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Resist the urge to micromanage
  • Follow best practices for security
  • Extend the right amount of trust

New to delegation and want to get it right?

Working with a virtual assistant can be a game-changer — helping you save time, avoid burnout, and grow your business. But the success of your partnership is tied to your ability to delegate, and most of us don’t get the chance to practice delegating until it’s the only option.

It’s hard to be an effective leader without training or practice

Leading someone else when you’re not prepared doesn’t set anyone up for success. Poor delegation reduces the return on your partnership, causes more stress than you had to begin with, and robs you of even more time in the long run.


Failing to communicate your expectations makes it impossible for a virtual assistant to meet them.


Not giving critical feedback turns into redoing a task yourself, and wasting double the time.


Holding on to the wrong tasks because “I do them best” negates the benefit of working with a VA.

Fire Yourself trains you to
delegate well

Effective delegation isn’t meant to be effortless, but the hard work is more than worth it. Investing your time upfront into building your leadership skills multiplies the return on your time down the line.

About the course

Trusty Oak’s delegation course helps you prevent avoidable mistakes and gives you a leg up as a new leader. Learn where to start when it comes to delegation — from establishing strong systems to choosing the right tasks to offload — and how to build a partnership that keeps getting better.


  • 27 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • 5 downloadable resources
  • Discounts on Trusty Oak VA services
  • Live group coaching and Q&As
  • Money back guarantee

Course content

Introduction to Delegation
  • Welcome to “Fire Yourself: Delegate Your Way to Freedom and Success”
  • What Delegation Is, And What It Isn’t
  • Why Delegation Matters and Why We Resist it
  • How to Know When to Delegate
  • [Download] Time Audit Worksheet
  • [Download] The Delegation Matrix
  • Introduction to delegation quiz
Create a Personalized Delegation System
  • Create Your Delegation System
  • Harper’s Dream
  • The Delegation Door System
  • The Doorknob: Asynchronous vs. Synchronous
  • Establish a Weekly Collaboration Rhythm with Your VA
  • The Hinges: Trust, Processes, and Documentation
  • The Top Hinge: Trust
  • The Bottom Hinge: Processes
  • Delegation That Hits the Spot: Client Onboarding Workflow
  • The Middle Hinge: Documentation
  • Create a Personalized Delegation System Quiz
Take Your Delegation to the Next Level: How to Give Feedback and Keep Growing
  • Introducing the 5 Levels of Delegation: How to Communicate Your Expectations
  • A Closer Look at the Five Levels of Delegation
  • Delegating Authority: How Much is Too Much?
  • Use the 80/20 Rule to Delegate More Than Basic Administrative Tasks
  • Extend Smart Trust: Feedback’s Role in Increasing Trust and Improving Results
  • Don’t Hold Back: When to Give Feedback
  • All Feedback is a Gift: How to Deliver Critical Feedback
  • How to Give Feedback and Keep Growing Quiz
  • Congratulations, and Thank You!
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Amber L. Gray
Founder, Trusty Oak

Your instructor

Meet Amber Gray

Amber Gray, founder and CEO of Trusty Oak, trains business owners to master delegation and maximize the return on their time. As a former virtual assistant and founder who grew her company with the help of VAs, Amber is well-versed in the benefits of effective delegation. She aims to help new delegators tap into those benefits and enjoy the process of learning to lead.

  • Austin Business Woman of the Year Award 2021
  • Grew Trusty Oak exclusively with VAs for 6 years
  • Achieved 526% revenue growth within 4 years as a solopreneur

Who should complete the delegation training?

Fire Yourself is for current and future delegators looking to grow their leadership skills. This program teaches you what you need to start delegating, grow your confidence as a leader, and build productive partnerships with virtual assistants.

Leaders working with a VA

It’s always the right time to grow as a leader. Learn how to improve your delegation skills and your partnership.

Leaders preparing to work with a VA

Getting ready to delegate for the first time? This course sets the foundation for a successful partnership.

Neurodivergent business owners

Learn how to turn your vision into organized systems and processes that support your virtual assistant — and you.

Managers and department heads

Delegation is delegation, whether you’re leading VAs or employees. The skills you build in this program help you across the board.

Amber is one of the best at delegating. If you are struggling with delegation at any level and feel trapped in the midst of chaos rather than finding your way to freedom and success, take this course!

Susan Fennema CEO, Beyond the Chaos

Amber knows her stuff. If you’re even thinking about delegating some of your tasks, you’ll want to take her new course, “Fire Yourself: Delegate Your Way to Freedom and Success.

Dara Zycherman Minimalist Lifestyle Coach, TEDx Speaker

As an entrepreneur and client of Amber’s, I can’t tell you how much she’s taught me about delegation. It’s made a world of difference in my business.

Jill Felska Creator of Training for the Modern Manager and Host of Want to Work There Podcast

Amber has helped so many business owners expand and grow their business by sharing her strategies, experience and knowledge. She is passionate about what she does and can truly bring value to many attendees because delegating is a skill that is necessary for leaders in every industry in order to succeed.

Alisha Soukaseume Freelance Virtual Assistant at Trusty Oak

Amber and Trusty Oak are on a mission to uplift small businesses, foster opportunities, and champion the dreams of entrepreneurs. This conversation is something that can truly benefit everyone!

Jacqueline Koenig Freelance Virtual Assistant at Trusty Oak


Don’t see your question below? Speak to your Client Success Manager or contact us to learn more about the delegation training.

Should I complete any prep work before I start the program?

No prep work needed. The first module of this delegation course walks you through preparing to delegate. All you need to do is start!

I’m not currently working with a VA. Is this program right for me?

While this delegation training is tailored to delegators working with a virtual assistant, it can also benefit leaders working with employees. If you delegate tasks to others (or if you’re preparing to), you’ll benefit from this course.

What’s the investment for Trusty Oak clients?

Fire Yourself is included in your Growth Starter Pack as a free delegation course for leaders working with Trusty Oak virtual assistants.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We’re confident this course will improve your delegation skills and help you get the best return on your time. But if you don’t find it highly valuable, let us know within 30 days of your purchase to receive a full refund.

Grow your delegation skills. Grow your business.

Your efficacy as a leader is up to you. Build the skills you need to get the best outcomes from partnering with a virtual assistant.