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Need support that can scale? Partner with vetted VAs for agencies.

Hiring full-time support isn’t always the best option. Trusty Oak is your leadership partner with a vetted pool of VAs and a dedicated CSM to help you manage your virtual assistant team.

Growth isn’t always steady,
but your support should be

It’s hard to predict what your workload will look like months from now. Trusty Oak provides scalable virtual assistant support for agencies, so you can find the help you need when you’re busy and maintain profitability when you’re not.

  • Save money on hiring
  • Stop scrambling for support
  • Maximize your profitability
  • Upgrade your client experience
  • Level up to charge more

Virtual assistant services
for creative agencies

VAs can support behind-the-scenes business goals or create marketing materials for your clients. We help you identify your agency’s needs and connect you with freelancers who are a good fit.

Administrative Support

Daily tasks can be major distractions. Hand off the small stuff so you can focus on the work you get paid for. Working with a VA creates more time for billable hours.

Content Creation

Delegate content creation for your channels or have more hands on deck for client work. Never miss out on opportunities because your team is at capacity.

Social Media Marketing

Creating posts, engaging, and responding to messages take time. Our social media virtual assistants have experience handling the tasks that grow your presence.

Video Editing

Editing video and audio for reels, shorts, and podcasts is time-consuming if it’s not your strong suit. Leave it to virtual assistants with video editing expertise.

Customer Support

VAs for onboarding and email management can bring your client experience to the next level — and help you secure more repeat business and referrals.

Executive Assistance

Free up your leaders’ time for higher-level strategic goals and creative work. Executive VAs can manage calendars, handle inboxes, coordinate travel, and more.

How Trusty Oak VAs have helped Josh grow his small business

Partnering with virtual assistants has helped Josh scale his business and better support clients. He delegates a range of tasks — from administrative work like invoicing and documentation, to client-facing jobs like content creation.

20 hours+ Per month delegated
3 Virtual assistants

How to get started

Get matched with agency virtual assistants in an average of 15 days. We make VA matching and onboarding seamless, so it doesn’t disrupt what you’re working on.


Meet with a member of our team to share your agency’s needs and goals.


Purchase a Growth Starter Pack to jumpstart the process and meet your CSM.


Get matched with a vetted VA or team of assistants who are available to help.


Build a partnership with a delegation team that makes talent sourcing easy.

Amber L. Gray
Founder, Trusty Oak

About Trusty Oak

Our founder grew Trusty Oak exclusively with VA support for 6 years. We know how to manage virtual assistant teams, and we specialize in helping leaders master delegation. Get to know Trusty Oak and meet our roster of vetted freelancers.

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