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Executive virtual assistant services for busy leaders

If you don’t have an executive assistant, you are one. Partner with a virtual EA to make the best use of your time and skills.

Are you getting the best return on your time?

Your limited time and billable hours should go toward strategic work that only you can do. The items you can train someone else to manage are the best ones to offload.

Email Management

Your VA can respond to emails and keep track of your inbox so you don’t miss important messages.

Calendar Management

Our virtual assistants for calendar management help prevent double-bookings and protect your personal time.

Travel Coordination

Executive assistants can book your travel, make reservations, and plan your trip to your preferences.

Business Support

Executive assistance can include admin support services like organizing files and managing invoices.

How executive assistant
services can help

When you’re juggling so much, it’s only a matter of time before a ball gets dropped — and the first ones to drop are often the ones that grow the business. Handing off tedious tasks lets you put your energy towards items that make an impact.

More profits

Create more time for revenue-generating work in your week. Reducing the time you spend on admin activities gives you more time to put towards client work.

Fewer conflicts

How many times have you forgotten to respond to an email or accidentally double-booked yourself? Your VA helps ensure these things don’t happen.

Peace of mind

You can only remember so much. As you build a lasting partnership with a VA, they learn to anticipate needs before they come up and handle things on the back end.

How Trusty Oak’s flexible support has helped MTC

Mastery Transcript Consortium® initially partnered with Trusty Oak for executive virtual assistant services. As the business’s needs adapted over time, their Trusty Oak CSM helped them partner with VAs who could assist with a range of tasks across the organization.

100 hours+ Per month delegated
3 Virtual assistants

How to get started

Our process is streamlined and seamless. We help you identify the virtual executive assistant services you need and find your right-hand person within an average of 15 days.


Book a call with us to talk about the tasks on your plate and learn about admin VA services. We’ll answer your questions about Trusty Oak and our US-based virtual assistants.


Start the VA matching process with a Growth Starter Pack. The package comes with 30 VA hours to use over your trial period, hands-on delegation training, and more.


Get matched with experienced VAs and onboard your virtual assistant with our support. We help you build your delegation strategy and adjust to your new partnership.


Get 5+ hours back per week to do more of what you love doing and started your business for. Choose your monthly plan and schedule or we’ll create one that fits your needs.

Learn more about executive assistant services

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Focus on less to achieve more

Let a qualified partner handle your inbox, calendar, and transferable tasks so you can focus on higher-level goals. Get started with a call to learn how an executive VA can help.