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Creative work piling up? Delegate it to a virtual marketing assistant.

Keep up with your content calendar — or your clients’ — with the help of a marketing virtual assistant. Our US-based VAs have experience creating content, running accounts, and whitelabeling for agencies.

Overwhelmed by the constant demand for new content?

Content creation is a daily grind — one that you might not have ever wanted to sign up for. If you don’t enjoy writing, designing, and video editing, we can connect you with someone who does.

Social Media Support

Social media is distracting. Let a virtual assistant handle the daily posts and DMs for you.

Content Marketing

Execute your marketing strategy (or your clients’) with VA-written blogs, posts, and more.

Designing Graphics

How much time have you lost on Canva this year? Hand off your design needs to someone with experience.

Video Editing

It takes time to learn how to edit videos well. Our VAs can edit your podcasts, reels, and YouTube shorts.

Why partner with a virtual assistant for marketing tasks?

When you’re at capacity, marketing is often the first thing to go. That’s a disservice to your business — and to you. Partnering with a VA for these kinds of tasks means your brand presence keeps growing even when you’re at your busiest.

Stick to your strengths

If content creation isn’t your strong suit, you could be spending double the time for half the result. Working with a VA saves time and keeps you in your zone of genius.

Stay top of mind

Marketing a business today is like going to the gym. It’s all about repetition. Staying consistent in sharing your message helps nurture leads and close new business.

Grow your business

Content marketing is the most affordable way to grow. Working with a VA for social media and other channels builds your audience without spending money on ads.

How Trusty Oak VAs have helped Josh grow his small business

Partnering with virtual assistants has helped Josh scale his business and better support clients. He delegates a range of tasks — from administrative work like invoicing and documentation, to client-facing jobs like content creation.

20 hours+ Per month delegated
3 Virtual assistants

How to get started

Hiring a virtual assistant for marketing takes finding someone with the right skills. Trusty Oak identifies what you need support with and finds the right person for you in an average of 15 days.


Book a call to learn about VA services for social media and marketing. We’ll answer your questions about Trusty Oak and what kinds of tasks you could offload.


Start the VA matching process with a Growth Starter Pack. You receive 30 hours to start delegating along with training to help you make the most of your partnership.


Get matched with experienced VAs and onboard them with our support. Your CSM works with you to create your delegation strategy and foster effective partnerships.


Get 5+ hours back per week to focus on what you do best while growing your online presence. Your monthly plan is flexible and able to scale with busy seasons.

Learn more about VA marketing services

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