Hire a VA, Get a Team

Growth Starter Pack – $1,649

Before you sign-up for a Growth Starter Package, let’s jump on a call so we can learn about your business, what services you need, and what type of VA would work best for you. This step will ensure a smoother onboarding process for you and your VA once you’re matched.

Want to learn more? Check out FAQs and How it Works.

What’s Included

  • Your Leadership Growth Partner
    With VAs vetted for you, you can scale your business without hiring employees. Collaborate with our Success team for mentorship and accountability for you and your VA.

  • Onboarding and VA Matching
    Our people-driven VA matching process considers skill and availability requirements, workstyles, communication styles, and other soft skills essential to your success.

  • Delegation Strategy and Ongoing Support
    Partner with your dedicated Client Success Manager to create a custom Delegation Strategy to help you prioritize work for delegation. Your CSM is there for you every step of the way.

  • Delegation Training Course
    Get free access to Trusty Oak Academy courses, worksheets, and live group coaching with our founder. Learn how to delegate effectively, communicate your expectations, and give feedback.

  • 30 VA Hours and a Money-Back Guarantee
    Once matched, your VA has 30 hours to start working right away. If we don’t match you with a VA you are excited to work with, we’ll give you a full refund.

  • Month-to-Month Plans
    Following the Growth Starter Pack, subscribe to a monthly plan and upgrade, downgrade, pause, or cancel at any time.