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2 Incredibly Simple Ways to Increase Organic Web Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can seem like an enigma to business owners, especially if it’s not your expertise. 

But increasing organic web traffic doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to involve an enormous amount of effort. Today, I’d like to share two free ways you can create more organic traffic for your website. 


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These tips aren’t complicated, and they don’t cost any money, but they’ll absolutely increase your organic web traffic!

Create a Google My Business Page

Many business owners jump to creating a website (an important first step, of course), but forget about the other place people find your company when they search the internet: Google listings. It’s vital to create a free Google listing for your business. This ensures that when people search for your business on Google, they’ll find all relevant information in a handy box (see example). 

Trusty Oak Google Listing

When we created the Trusty Oak Google My Business page a little over a year ago, we saw an instant increase in our traffic even in the first month. Over time we’ve continually seen even more organic traffic to our website because of this page, and especially in the beginning, we were able to really tell that’s exactly where it was coming from.

So, how do you get this box? My video walks you through how to create a Google My Business Page (starting at 0:37). The first thing you need to remember is that you need a physical location associated with your business and it shouldn’t be your house, even if you’re operating your business virtually. If you’re not using a co-working space, you can look into a virtual office space such as Intelligent Office or Regus. This is also important because you’ll need to be able to receive snail mail at your business address in order to verify your Google My Business listing. 

I also uploaded pictures of our co-working space and our team so that when someone is looking at the listing they can see other photos from our company and verify they’re looking at the right listing. You can customize your listing to show potential customers what you’re about.

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Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

The second way you can start driving organic traffic to your website is by completing your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn can be an incredible tool in terms of lead generation, but on a very basic level, completing your profiles can have a positive impact on your web traffic.

Complete Your LinkedIn ProfileYour customers are using LinkedIn—they’re searching for companies like you or directly searching for your business. If they see your employees, you, and your business all have complete, accurate, and active LinkedIn profiles, they’ll have more confidence in your professionalism. Your personal and company profiles, as well as those of your team, may also show up in the first few pages of web search results. 

The main things you want to look at are finishing your profiles with a customized, on-brand banner and filling out all sections of your profile. You can create a free banner for your LinkedIn profiles on Canva.com and size it perfectly for LinkedIn. Do this on your personal and business profiles. 

Make sure your personal profile is up-to-date and lists all relevant contact information for your business. Fill out your summary section so someone can see at a glance what your mission is, what services you provide, and any other important information. You can add videos and articles to your profile to show activity and expertise, and eventually get your profile to the All-Star level. With a LinkedIn profile that represents you and your business well, you can absolutely get leads and web traffic from your profile. 

With these simple, free tips, you’ll be on your way to increasing your organic web traffic as you launch your business. 

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2 incredibly simple (and FREE) ways to increase your website's organic traffic.

Amber Gray

Amber Gray is the founder and CEO of Trusty Oak, an Austin-based virtual assistant company providing administrative and marketing support to small business leaders, authors, and creative teams. A people-first approach to hiring, along with a scalable growth model have positioned Trusty Oak as a flexible, dependable, and affordable alternative to hiring administrative and marketing employees. In 2021 and 2022, Trusty Oak was named Freelancer Hiring Platform of the Year, and in 2021 Amber was recognized as Austin Business Woman of the Year.

Before founding Trusty Oak, Amber spent five years at a rapidly growing digital agency based in Austin, TX. Four of those years, she was responsible for hiring and leading both local and virtual teams while working closely with clients ranging from CEOs to bestselling authors to build their brand online. As VP of Operations, Amber helped lead the company’s growth to #15 on Austin Business Journal’s Fast50 List in 2014.

As a female founder and leader of a company that has quickly established a recognizably special culture within a non-traditional workforce, Amber has energized and empowered women from diverse professional and personal backgrounds to go against the grain of historically standard female roles in business, technology, and leadership. Trusty Oak provides an opportunity for experienced admin and marketing professionals to work independently as freelancers, but with a supportive internal network consisting of other ambitious and resourceful remote workers.

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