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Client Spotlight—Courtney Stanley

Courtney Stanley

Courtney Stanley is a globally recognized changemaker through her work as a keynote speaker, speaking coach, and creator/host of the podcast for women in business, Dare to Interrupt.

For more than a decade, Courtney has empowered women, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations to engage in transformative conversations that inspire real change. By approaching these conversations through the lens of empathy, vulnerability, and authenticity, Courtney helps people build trust, improve team and culture dynamics, and tap into their greatest potential. She is widely praised for her strategic and inspirational approach, for connecting authentically with diverse audiences, and for her commitment to global and women’s issues. She is particularly proud of her work to prevent sexual harassment and assault through the launch of an events-centered social movement, #MeetingsToo.

Courtney was referred to Trusty Oak in April 2023. As a super busy solopreneur who was traveling frequently, she was looking for administrative support so that she could focus on doing what she loves while growing the business in a sustainable way (aka EXACTLY what we aim to provide with Trusty Oak VAs). 

Courtney’s primary VA is Drew Daudelin, a broadcast journalist who leverages his experience to help Trusty Oak clients create content and stay organized. For Courtney, Drew spends most of his time helping with social media. Courtney and Drew collaborate on developing compelling content, and Drew handles the design and scheduling. By posting about 3x per week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, Drew helps ensure Courtney Stanley has a consistent brand presence across the major social media platforms. If you scroll through Courtney’s accounts, you’ll see a mix of professional photos, graphics with a consistent and strong aesthetic, and plenty of behind-the-scenes shots of Courtney at work and home. It’s easy to see that Courtney and Drew are thoughtful about the business’s social media strategy, and Courtney’s authenticity shines through the screen.  

In addition to managing social media content, Drew helps create an e-newsletter that is sent to Courtney’s community each week. Drew also gets to flex his organizational skills by helping Courtney with expense cataloging and tracking – an important but time-consuming activity that often gets put on the back burner by a lot of busy solopreneurs. 

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Melaina Hagerup

Melaina is a results-driven marketing and administrative assistant who loves empowering clients to engage their community and change the world. She is excellent at taking grandiose mission and vision statements and interpreting them into a brand story her clients can easily communicate in their online spaces to grow an engaged community of loyal followers. [more about Melaina]

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