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Effective Leadership: Delegating to a #2 to stay #1

During a recent conversation with Bex Howell, our Business Development Specialist, a client shared a profound insight: “I feel like I’m working in my business but not on it.” She expressed feeling overwhelmed by the essential yet repetitive tasks demanded by her business’s daily operations, leaving little room to focus on strategic growth and long-term success. Can you relate? This sentiment mirrors the struggle countless CEOs and business owners grapple with – the daunting task of balancing numerous responsibilities, resulting in a scenario where they spend countless hours on the urgent with no time for the important tasks. At Trusty Oak, we understand this dilemma all too well. That’s why we’re dedicated to assisting CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs in delegating tasks, reclaiming up to 5 hours a week to concentrate on the crucial work only they can undertake.

The Role of #1

In the realm of acting, the highest-ranking and most important actor in the production is listed as #1 on the call sheet. Similarly, as the CEO or business owner, you hold a parallel role to the lead actor on a film set – you are the #1 spot on your business’ call sheet, the pivotal driving force behind your organization’s structure and function. Responsibilities such as shaping the company’s vision, engaging in creative problem-solving, and devising strategies for scalability are tasks that only you can effectively undertake. However, when you find yourself juggling multiple roles – assuming not just the position of #1, but also #2, #3, and even #4 – the repercussions are significant, with two detrimental outcomes.

First, your time is consumed by juggling multiple roles within your company, requiring you to complete tasks that appear urgent but may not necessarily be the most critical. Rather than dedicating your efforts to tasks that only you, as the primary leader (#1), can effectively handle – such as envisioning the future and strategizing for expansion – you find yourself immersed in the day-to-day minutiae of administrative and marketing duties.

Second, your time – your most valuable asset – is wasted by the multitude of responsibilities you shoulder. In spreading yourself too thin, you risk investing precious time in learning how to execute various tasks your business demands. Tasks such as setting up CRMs or managing billing software, for instance, may consume significant portions of your schedule due to your lack of prior experience in these areas. Consequently, your focus may be diverted from endeavors in which you excel and are needed for long-term strategic growth, hindering your ability to drive your business forward effectively.

In this business model, CEOs and business owners attempt to turn a full-fledged play into a one-person show. Instead of fulfilling the role of #1, they attempt to do it all. They are overwhelmed and overworked, and time is consumed by urgent but non-critical tasks dwindling opportunities for visionary leadership and strategic innovation.  The image of the haggard business owner or entrepreneur, bogged down by a mountain of tasks, becomes all too familiar.

Delegating to a #2 to stay #1

The key to preserving your role as #1 in your business is the strategy of delegation. By entrusting competent individuals with administrative tasks that don’t demand your direct attention, you pave the way for optimal focus on steering your business toward success. However, the idea of hiring a full staff might feel like a distant dream, leaving you wondering if you’re stuck in a perpetual cycle of doing it all alone. Yet, being stuck between struggling solo or waiting to scale enough for a full team is a false dilemma. A middle ground exists, offering a pathway to balance and efficiency. What is this middle ground? Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) proficient in the very tasks you’re seeking to delegate. By adding a virtual assistant to your business, you can leave the urgent administrative tasks, such as workflow management or billing, to an expert in those areas, returning you to the role of CEO and business owner. 

You may find yourself asking, when I’m already overwhelmed in my business tasks, how can I add on the task of vetting and hiring a VA to help? That’s where we step in. At Trusty Oak, our mission is clear: to assist CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs in finding the perfect virtual assistant to meet their needs. Our process begins with personalized onboarding sessions led by our dedicated Success Team. Through in-depth discussions and thorough assessments, we work collaboratively to craft a tailored delegation plan specifically designed to address the unique demands of your business. Rest assured, our roster of vetted VAs encompasses a diverse range of skills and expertise, ensuring we have the perfect match to fulfill your requirements. What sets Trusty Oak apart is our commitment to providing a seamless experience from start to finish. We handle all the vetting for you with the utmost care, delivering a white-glove treatment that sets you up for success. With our exclusive Growth Starter Pack, featuring 30 hours of VA assistance, we provide a solid foundation for your delegation journey. As your needs evolve, we seamlessly transition you to established plans tailored to accommodate your growing requirements, ensuring you receive the support you need, precisely when you need it.

Two Paths Before You

As an overworked CEO, business owner, or entrepreneur, you stand at a crossroads, facing two distinct paths. The first option entails persevering in your current state – overworked, stretched thin, and merely treading water to stay afloat. It’s a familiar narrative, one marked by exhaustion, stagnation, and hustle culture. Or you can take the alternative path, one illuminated by the transformative power of Trusty Oak. By embracing our tailored solutions and entrusting a skilled virtual assistant to handle the myriad tasks that bog you down, you reclaim your rightful place as #1. Picture a life where your time is freed from the shackles of menial tasks, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward, fostering innovation, and nurturing personal fulfillment. With Trusty Oak by your side, the possibilities are limitless, empowering you to live your best life in business and beyond.

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