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VA Spotlight – Sakar Bhusal

Trusty Oak provides our clients with access to the country’s top freelance virtual assistants. These Executive and Marketing Virtual Assistants provide our clients with their most valuable resource, time, by performing delegated tasks well so our clients can return to working on the big pieces and visions of their business.

Our Trusty Oak team is honored to serve as the bridge of connection between clients and our virtual assistants. To help our clients get to know our roster of stellar VAs, we are starting a series called VA Spotlight.

This week’s VA we’re spotlighting is Sakar Bhusal.

Sakar Bhusal – Web Designer and SEO Expert

Sakar Bhusal, website developer virtual assistant

Sakar is an IT professional with almost 20 years of experience working in the fields of information technology, web design and administration, and technical customer support for e-commerce and IT companies. Sakar’s specialty is in freelance web designing, website management, website security, and SEO/SMM support, and he has provided his services to companies and individuals worldwide.

Let’s hear from Sakar about his expertise and why he enjoys being a Trusty Oak VA.

Why did you choose to be a VA and why does this lifestyle work for you?

I previously held a position as a network administrator with an e-commerce company based in Texas. Following my relocation to North Carolina, I opted to transition into freelancing while taking on the role of a stay-at-home dad for my two-year-old son. I applied for a virtual assistant position at Trusty Oak and was successfully chosen. Currently, I operate as a freelance web designer and database administrator, in addition to fulfilling responsibilities as a Trusty Oak VA. This arrangement has proven to be highly beneficial for our family dynamics, allowing me to simultaneously care for my son, and assist him with assignments and chores, all while managing my professional responsibilities.

What made you choose Trusty Oak?

I discovered Trusty Oak through Reddit, a popular discussion forum. The positive reviews about both Amber and the company prompted me to submit my application for a virtual assistant position.

What’s your superpower?

1. Website design, development, update, maintenance
2. Search Engine Optimization
3. IT and Tech Support
4. CRM setup, administration, and maintenance

Describe your favorite place to work from.

I have a small, well-lit corner in my home designated as my office. When my wife is attending to our son, I explore different co-working spaces to conduct my work. Discovering new environments and working in varied ambiances proves to be a refreshing experience for me.

What is your top program/app that makes your life easier as a VA?

Asana for personal task management. Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Garageband, Audacity, WordPress, and SEO management tools.

What hobbies or Interests do you enjoy?

As a stay-at-home dad, I relish the time I spend engaging in play and activities with my son. This involves not only enjoying recreational games together but also giving him lessons and cultivating his interest in various sports.

Describe your dream client.

My dream client would be someone who values the importance of technology in their business, and understands the impact of online presence in their business, any field of work, or any business they may be in.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

My plan is to eventually start a tiny BPO firm with a dev team locally and in South Asia assisting clients with different business processes involving IT and accounting.

Describe your perfect day off.

Spending quality time with my wife and son or visiting my family and spending a day with them with family gossip, good food, and drinks!


Thanks for sharing with us, Sakar!


To learn more about Sakar and our other rock-star virtual assistants, visit our website!

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