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6 Tasks to Delegate to Virtual Assistants for Non-Profits


Working in a non-profit means no two days are alike and important tasks can be pushed aside in order to take care of the more immediate needs of your clients or community. Depending on your organization, you’re facing clients and customer service situations, having to support volunteers, or tackling the many administrative tasks that are necessary to keep the organization functioning at full capacity. 

Having a virtual assistant in your corner means you have the support you need. Read on for a guide to utilizing a virtual assistant within your organization. 

Connecting With Donors

There are times when donor appreciation is put to the wayside because of other situations that get in the way. Thank you letters, data entry, and financial recording all require you to set aside dedicated time that you don’t regularly have, but your virtual assistant does. Your donors want to feel like they are not only appreciated, but connected and a part of your circle and we can help! 

Have you wanted to update your thank you letters with relevant stories about your mission in action in your community? Or create a newsletter with updates for your donors to ensure that they feel like they are a part of the organization? Having a virtual assistant allows for donor connections to be made in a timely manner and relationships to be solidified with those individuals.

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Do you get the heebie jeebies when someone mentions fundraising? Understandably, asking your community for donations is always going to be daunting, unless you have a virtual assistant on your team. Your virtual assistant can help you strategize your marketing plan for your donation campaigns to ensure that you’ve covered organizational campaigns as well as national campaigns like #GivingTuesday. 

Along with fundraising, grant writing is a great way to support your cause. Research, collecting data and taking the time to write the grant can take a huge amount of time out of your busy schedule as well. A virtual assistant can help you keep track of due dates for annual grants, keep up to date with up and coming opportunities, while also keeping your data compiled and easily accessible for spur of the moment grant needs. A skilled virtual assistant can even assist in or handle grant writing for you. 

Coordinating Volunteers

Volunteers can be the backbone of an organization in order to help with programs, projects, daily needs, and building relationships within the community. Due to their vital role, it is important to track their progress, hours, tasks and send appropriate appreciation their way too. A virtual assistant can support your Volunteer Coordinator and allows for a stronger connection between the staff, volunteers and the community they serve. 

Collaborate with your virtual assistant to ensure volunteer tasks are current and logged into the system, marketing materials are branded and available for recruitment, and mostly importantly, your volunteers feel appreciated and enriched as they work with your team. 

Improving Organization

Organization can be the bane of existence for some. There just isn’t time to sit down and create folders for each aspect of the business as you know it. But there is hope! Your virtual assistant can help you create a filing system and processes for you and the staff to utilize so you stay orderly. This will only continue to help your business as you grow.

Structured information available and up to date can also be such a relief when it comes to annual reports, grants, community reporting, and showing a clear picture to the public as they understand the roles within the organization. 

Communicating With Your Board of Directors

Each Board of Directors has a specific set of needs based on the personalities of the committee members. Are your members moved to action by data or stories of your impact? Your virtual assistant can help prepare data and stories for Board meetings with packets, presentations, and meeting minutes. 

Marketing Your Non-Profit

Beyond the usual marketing of programs and services, non-profit organizations take on huge projects throughout the year. A virtual assistant can help you take on those projects – big and small. Don’t forget about annual reports, Board retreats, #GivingTuesday and year-end campaigns – all of these projects can be a little easier with the help of a virtual assistant.

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The heart and soul of a nonprofit organization is the individual who’s passionate about what they do. Whether you are supporting your community, a specific population or even a different species, a virtual assistant allows you the freedom to be on the ground floor and hands-on with your passion. What could you do with consistent, confident support helping you move forward with your goals? 



Jill is an extremely organized and detail-oriented individual who specializes in marketing and project management. Jill enjoys streamlining processes through organization and automation to increase engagement and exposure. As a self-proclaimed “forever student, ” she is passionate about learning new skills and taking on fresh tasks. This “Jill of All Trades” is an experienced non-profit and marketing professional with a background in operations, marketing strategy, social media, and administrative skills. Her experience was developed in both established and fledgling non-profit organizations, where she created operating procedures and marketing strategies, developed and maintained CRM systems, built client and donor bases, researched and applied for grants, coordinated transactions managed social media marketing, and improved overall client and community experiences.


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