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WordPress as a Business Content Management System

Having a website is very important for small businesses as, these days, the website acts as your second business address after the physical address. Since small businesses are usually on a tight budget, having a website is crucial for them to introduce themselves to a wider audience and interact with their potential customers.

Not too long ago, entrepreneurs and business handlers had to find a developer to design, develop, and even make minor changes to their site’s content and appearance. This process has become easier with the introduction of various Conent Management Systems and online website editing tools such as Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc.

When WordPress was first introduced, it was known as a robust blogging tool. However, it has since grown to become a Content Management System, which means it can be used to create interactive websites.  Using WordPress, every small business from around the world can seamlessly create a website for their business offering, and that too for free. If the businesses have the budget, they can further amplify the appeal of these WordPress websites and grow their business over time.

Not only by small businesses but WordPress is also used by some industry leaders to power their websites. Some of them include – TechCrunch, UPS Global, Verizon FIOS, Facebook Newsroom, etc.

Today’s businesses are very challenging to manage. It can be hard for entrepreneurs and business managers to keep up with the various tasks that come with running a business. With the help of WordPress, they can easily manage their websites and keep their focus on their core business. Besides being able to manage their websites, entrepreneurs can also enhance their interface without having to hire a developer.

Although it is an open-source platform, WordPress still provides users with plenty of customization options and security features.

There are also plenty of free tools that can help small and medium-sized businesses get started with WordPress. Hiring a professional developer to build a website using WordPress is not necessary. You can easily start building one yourself with the help of free and premium tools.

In this blog, we will talk about the various advantages of using WordPress for small businesses. We will also talk about the many other features that it has to offer.

1. WordPress is a Totally Free Platform

WordPress is completely free. It can be installed on your website or used in a local sandbox environment, and you can start building one yourself. Being an entrepreneur, you might be looking to set up a website for your company with a small upfront cost. With the help of WordPress, you can easily manage your websites and keep your focus on your core business.

2. WordPress is Quick and Easy to Setup

One of the main reasons people use WordPress is its ability to be installed without requiring many skills. This eliminates the need for an experienced developer to build websites for small businesses.

One of the most affordable ways to get started with WordPress is by signing up for a hosting plan from a hosting company like Bluehost or Godaddy. They will automatically install and configure the platform for you. With a managed WordPress plan services such as WPEngine, you don’t have to spend much time getting used to the platform’s features.

These managed hosts have a lot of experience with WordPress and will automatically install and configure the platform for you. They also provide a dedicated team that will help you keep your website running smoothly.

After you have installed WordPress, you will be able to get a wide range of features that will help you with the development of websites. Its clean and easy-to-use dashboard makes it an ideal platform for new users.

3. WordPress is an Open-Source Platform

WordPress is an open-source platform that allows anyone to access and use the code that is available in its Codex. This is very important for small businesses as it allows them to modify pre-built platform, helping them save money by avoiding building web applications and websites from scratch.

4. WordPress has a User-Friendly Interface

WordPress is incredibly user-friendly and has various features that make it an incredibly versatile platform. This is why it is very important for people who are not technical experts to use it. It allows them to create various web pages and menus, as well as manage their media content.

5. Support from a Large Online Community of Users and Developers

We have discussed how WordPress is a powerful online platform for developing websites and web applications. If you need help developing or modifying any aspect of your website on WordPress, the platform’s community of users can easily find the solution to the problems. Its support system is also very popular among its users.

There are also tons of informative WordPress blogs that share their daily tips and tricks. This is because most of the issues people encounter with the platform have already been discussed here. It is very beneficial for small businesses and beginners to use WordPress as it has a community of experts who can help them fix their problems

5. WordPress has a Large Variety of Predesigned Themes

Before you start building a website, it is important that you have a good idea about the most crucial features that you need to have to create a successful website. WordPress and other third-party developers offer repositories of incredibly well-designed themes ready to install on a website. With the help of these pre-designed themes, you can easily build a website that is designed to look exactly like the one that you want. 

There are also thousands of premium WordPress themes that you can choose from, which are designed with additional features and are usually included with support. These premium themes could be a great choice because they come with various features, such as a drag-and-drop page builder, multiple live customization options, and a bunch of ready-made web templates.

Other niche-specific themes are designed for different industries, such as restaurants, charities, and accounting. For small businesses, choosing WordPress as its platform is very important as it allows them to build websites designed to look exactly like their brand.

7. WordPress has Pre-built Plugins for Almost Every Necessary Feature

You can also add more functionality to your website by using free plugins, which can be installed over the web. There are thousands of pre-built plugins in the WordPress plugins directory, and more premium ones are available from marketplaces such as CodeCanyon, ThemesIsle, etc. These are generally easy to install and are designed to add additional features to your website.

8. WordPress is Search Engine Optimized

Without search engine optimization, it is very common for people to build websites that are not designed to be optimized for search engines. However, with the help of WordPress, it has been able to solve this issue. All of the websites built on the platform are already optimized for search engines, and a variety of plugins and guides can help you improve your website’s ranking.

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9. WordPress is Compatible with Responsive Designs

With the help of WordPress, it is very easy for people to build websites that are designed to look exactly like their brand. One of the most important factors people consider when building websites is the ability to have a responsive website. This is because most of the themes built on the platform are designed to be fully responsive, which means that they can look great on different devices.

10. WordPress is Secure and Reliable

One of the most important factors people consider when building websites is the ability to have a secure website. With the help of WordPress, it has been able to provide its users with continuous updates and security patches.

There are also a variety of ways that you can improve the security of your WordPress site by using plugins. A ton of security plugins are available for your site’s protection – from spam protection, malware attacks, and data protection to preventing SEO Rankings and Brand Reputation from getting damaged. Some such plugins include Sucuri, Wordfece, etc. Jetpack also comes with an in-house plugin called Jetpack that offers various performance and security features.


Getting a strong online presence can be daunting for many small and startup businesses. However, with the help of WordPress, it can be very easy for people to establish a successful online presence.

This blog post aims to answer all people’s questions about why it is important for small businesses to use WordPress for their website. As an entrepreneur, you must make the right decisions at the right time to maximize your company’s success.  

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