Delegation-Ready Pack

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start this journey to more time-freedom?
We have a plan for that!

Trusty Oak is proud to partner with Beyond  the Chaos® a firm offering operations consultants and done-for-you project management to create a guided offering for leaders who want some extra help preparing for delegation.

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Get beyond the chaos with
a Delegation-Ready Pack

In this exclusive plan for Trusty Oak clients, Beyond the Chaos offers a custom operations solution for getting
you and your organization delegation-ready so you can hit the ground running with your new VA. This pack
adds a BTC Operations Consultant to your team and provides you with a more hands-on approach to getting
started with your VA.

Do you need the Delegation-Ready Pack
or the Growth Starter Pack?

Some leaders make the decision to hire VAs after they have documented the job role, documented their
processes, and have a very clear onboarding plan ready to go. Others need some additional help to get
ready for a seamless onboarding process, and the Delegation-Ready Pack is the right solution for
these busy professionals.

The Beyond the Chaos Delegation-Ready Pack Includes:

  •  Kickkoff Call – 30-minute call to meet your BTC Operations Consultant and get started down the road of collecting the right information to make your consultation call productive.
  •  Consultation Call – during this hour-long call, your BTC Operations Consultant will work with you to identify the top 3 items to delegate to your VA, based on your homework from the Kickoff Call.
  •  Process Development Call – Your BTC Operations Consultant will work with you and any necessary team members to outline the steps for the three designated items during this hour.
  •  Delegation Strategy – your BTC Operations Consultant will share how to get those things off of your plate in the most efficient way.
  •  Custom SOP Documents for each of your three business processes to be delegated, including suggestions for best practices for ongoing success
  •  Review Call – Your BTC Operations Consultant will review with you, (if needed), your Trusty Oak CSC, and your VA to review these freshly documented processes, and help identify any tools where access is required and at what level. This call is expected to take about an hour.
  •  Your first 10 hours of VA support so your VA can jump right in

Beyond the Chaos
Delegation-Ready +
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Dedicated VA
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Complete Custom
Documentation of 3
Business Processes
Identify Tools Your VA
Will Need to Access

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