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4 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help Turn Your Side Hustle Full-Time


Do you have a dream you work on after quitting time every day?

If you’re working a side hustle and a full-time job, you’re not alone. The internet has made it easier than ever to connect with your buyers, even if you’re still at a desk for the 9-to-5.

But starting a business while working full-time is a real challenge, and going it alone is tough.

If you’re one of these business owners who has built a company out of your own talent and resources, it can feel daunting to take the next step: quitting your day job. But the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone, and hiring an employee isn’t your only option. Trusty Oak knows exactly what it takes to turn your side hustle full-time, and we’re here to help! Here’s how a virtual assistant can get you where you’re going.

1. Inbound Lead Generation

One of the most significant challenges for new business owners is balancing lead generation with all of the work needed to serve their current clients. Not to mention lead generation is difficult, and it takes experience to bring in qualified leads. That’s where a Virtual Assistant can help you. Our HubSpot-trained Marketing Strategists can create a strategy to find your target audience online and reach them effectively, and our Marketing Assistants can help you accomplish that goal.

Here’s how a marketing VA can help you generate qualified leads:

  • Create consistent, high-value content offers such as ebooks, guides, and online courses
  • Help build your email list to convert and nurture leads
  • Improve your website with compelling calls-to-action, professional copy, and engaging value propositions to convert web traffic into leads

2. Shine Online

So, now that you’re doing all of that lead generation, you’ll want to look your best online. A Virtual Assistant can help you look professional and active in your industry, even if you’re just starting out. A virtual assistant can help improve and manage your website, your social media, and your email marketing so that your web presence is stellar, even if you’re grinding away at someone else’s company every day.

Many solopreneurs or business owners who still have a full-time job don’t have time to focus on the details. But in your online presence, the details speak volumes. Your website should look polished and professional, your social media presence should be active and engaging, and your email marketing should deliver consistent value to your lists. If this sounds daunting to do while working full-time, it is: these efforts alone could turn into a part-time job. A VA can handle all of these crucial elements of your online presence in a few hours a week, allowing you to focus on the revenue-generating parts of your business.

3. Improve Project Management

With all of your lead generation efforts, stellar online presence, and social media buzz, you might start feeling overwhelmed by managing each client’s ongoing projects and needs. That’s where a virtual assistant can help you. Whether it’s phone calls to clients, customer relationship management, or keeping plans on time and on track, we’re here to help. Virtual assistants are whizzes at creating better internal processes to track and improve workflows such as sales, customer success management, and project management. Not only will you end up with more free time to focus on growing your business, but your clients will also have a better experience.

4. Inbox & Schedule Management

When is the last time you got your email inbox down to zero? If this sounds like a pipe dream, you might want to hire a virtual assistant. While you’re being pulled in a hundred directions, a VA can be managing your communication and your calendar. They can respond to or flag messages as appropriate, schedule appointments for you, remind you of upcoming meetings, or promote business events on social media. All of this can be happening while you’re busy at your day job, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your business is running smoothly while you’re tied up.

With the right support, you can make your side-gig a full-time, vibrant business. Hiring a virtual assistant can help take your side hustle full-time not just because we can help you accomplish tasks—we’re also here to support you and your dreams and to scale the work you are doing. So, are you ready to take the next step? We’re a phone call away

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Hannah Lacy

Hannah is a Trusty Oak Virtual Assistant who specializes in written communication, brand development, marketing, social media and Search Engine Optimization.

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