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Entrepreneurs: Why You Should Jump on the Podcast Trend

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Podcasting has become one of the most popular ways to create and build brand awareness for a business. Whether you launch a show of your own, are invited to be a guest on another show, or you sponsor a podcast, you are able to build a reputation and authority through podcasting. 

Using podcasting as a medium to create content has become a subtle way for brands to advertise to their target audience. The benefits to using a podcast for your business include increased engagement, building trust within your industry, and brand awareness.

Podcasts Are Affordable

One reason why podcasts are trending so rapidly is because they are easy and inexpensive to start. Podcasts are an affordable way to market to your target audience, and can align with your existing marketing strategies or business objectives.

The mission of your podcast is to build a relationship between your brand and with your audience. Here’s how to get started.

Podcast Appearance

Start by building the appearance of your podcast with creating a name that is related to your business. You will need to have cover art for your podcast that is eye-catching, and this is a perfect opportunity to push your existing brand logo.

Giving your podcast a show description that is descriptive and filled with keywords can increase SEO for not only your business but your podcast as well. Once you find a podcast hosting site that will distribute your podcast to major streaming platforms, and research affordable recording equipment you are ready to plan your podcast show

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Podcast Outline

When outlining your podcast consider the format, frequency, and durations of your episodes. Your show can be formatted as an interview style or by having a co-host(s) that are your colleagues. Consider how much time you have to record, edit, and publish. After this is established, you want to create an outline or storyboard for a single episode. This is where you will further analyze the talking points for the episode, and timing for certain segments.

The opening of your podcast must grab your listeners attention, while you introduce yourself as the host and your brand. After recording several episodes, looking back at them collectively to find ways to refine, improve, and grow for the upcoming shows. 


Adding a call-to-action at the closing of your episodes should encourage your listeners to subscribe to the show, visit your website, or follow you on social media. Think about creating additional content to compliment your episodes such as resource list, additional videos, and related blog content.

After creating your first episode, share it to your blog and social media channels. You can add show notes or episode highlights to your social post, which will further promote your show and create content ideas for your business. With each episode you are able to share your brand’s story, give advice, and show off your experience in your industry. 

Credibility and Leadership

Podcasting has given businesses a new and different way to share their passions and knowledge. You are able to reach a new audience and potentially generate natural leads that are drawn to learn more about your brand after listening to your content. It is the perfect way to communicate with your audience and establish credibility and leadership. Your brand can begin to create an online community and larger presence on social media platforms. Your podcast can further establish the tone and voice of a brand, while showing the character and personalities of your business.

Grow Your Target Audience

A good way to feel like your audience and consumers can connect with you is by allowing them to submit questions or be a guest on your show. You can cross-promote with other businesses in your industry that have a podcast and go on their show to expand your target audience. Targeting a niche audience will increase your engagements with those who follow your content, growing your visibility within your community.

There is a growing trend in monetization with podcasts through advertisement sponsorships, collaborating with popular brands, and affiliate marketing opportunities. If you are not ready to start your own podcast, but want to get your message out to your audience on someone else’s podcast or your business can become a sponsor on their show.

A podcast is a great way to share announcements about your business, prove your credibility leading to a growing audience. You can be the first to report on the latest news and trends in your industry creating value in your knowledge. Podcasting is a quickly growing industry, and is becoming a leader in how we learn about news and stories. 

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