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VA Spotlight – Alisha Soukaseume

At Trusty Oak, we excel at connecting CEOs, entrepreneurs, and corporations with top-tier US-based virtual assistants. We understand the value of time for busy business owners. That’s why our virtual assistants are dedicated to efficiently managing tasks, saving our clients an average of five hours per week.

As the vital link between our clients and the outstanding virtual assistants in our roster, the Trusty Oak team is honored to foster this invaluable collaboration. We’re extending our blog series dubbed VA Spotlight to acquaint our clients with the exceptional individuals comprising our VA team.

Today’s VA spotlight is Alisha Soukaseume.

Alisha Soukaseume – Executive Assistant Extraordinaire

Alisha is known for her ambition and impeccable problem-solving abilities. Her attention to detail and time management skills are critical factors for making her effective and efficient. Alisha holds a BA in Communications from Tarleton State University, an AA in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and a Human Resources Certification. With a diverse career spanning various industries, including entertainment, service, retail, and consulting, she has cultivated expertise in business operations and development. Over eight years, Alisha served as a marketing director and event coordinator, honing her strategic planning and project management skills.

Let’s hear from Alisha about her expertise and why she enjoys being a Trusty Oak VA.

Why did you choose to be a VA and why does this lifestyle work for you?

In light of the pandemic, I made the deliberate choice to transition into the role of a Virtual Assistant (VA) after discovering that remote work aligns perfectly with my lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve honed a diverse skill set in business development, operations, event coordination, and team leadership, making me a versatile asset for business owners and executives. What drew me to this career path was the necessity for a job that not only accommodates my professional ambitions but also grants me the flexibility to be an active presence in my son’s life. As a single mother, achieving a work-life balance is paramount, and being a VA allows me to fulfill my parental responsibilities while managing household affairs and sustaining our livelihood. This setup empowers me to craft meaningful experiences and lasting memories with my son as he grows, all while ensuring financial stability for our family.

What made you choose Trusty Oak?

I chose Trusty Oak because their values aligned with my values. What drew me in immediately was the warmth and inclusivity of their community, centered around nurturing the growth and success of their VAs. It’s amazing how they’ve got a team of experts in every corner, always ready to lend a hand, share their wisdom, and help others. What sets Trusty Oak apart is their dedication to building solid, long-lasting relationships between VAs and clients, ensuring everyone’s success in the long run. They’re not just another company – they genuinely care about people, and go the extra mile to foster an amazing company culture.

What’s your superpower?

My superpower is executive functioning, a vital skill for navigating the intricacies of both my professional and personal life. It’s the foundation of my ability to plan effectively, stay organized, and make sound decisions, enabling me to handle tasks efficiently, prioritize responsibilities, and adapt swiftly to changes. Whether I’m working for clients or managing my family’s life, my strong executive functioning skills empower me to solve problems with ease, communicate effectively, and maintain focus even amidst distractions. From managing project timelines to handling various commitments simultaneously, my well-developed executive functioning abilities equip me to thrive in dynamic environments and achieve my goals with precision and ease.

Describe your favorite place to work from.

My preferred workspace is nestled within the cozy confines of my home office, accompanied by my beloved canine companions. Some days my home office gets moved to my back porch where I can soak in the sun and watch the dogs play.

What is your top program/app that makes your life easier as a VA?

There are many programs/apps that I utilize to make my life easier as a VA, but it is hard to choose one. My favorites are Asana, ChatGPT, Bamboo HR, and Dripify.

What hobbies or Interests do you enjoy?

I enjoy traveling and being outdoors whether it is kayaking, hiking, or soaking up rays while reading a good book. I will take any opportunity I have to center myself through yoga practice. My son and I love all things soccer as well as cheering on the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavs, and Chicago Bears.

Describe your dream client.

My dream client would be someone who values my expertise, trusts my judgment, and provides clear, concise instructions while allowing autonomy to execute tasks efficiently. This client would communicate effectively, respond promptly, and appreciate my contributions to their business. They would understand my role in supporting and enhancing productivity, freeing up their time for more strategic initiatives. Additionally, my dream client would establish a mutually respectful working relationship that fosters collaboration.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I envision myself in a fulfilling role where I can make a meaningful impact while embracing new opportunities. With my son turning 18 and entering adulthood, I anticipate transitioning into a phase where I can explore personal interests and passions more deeply. Inspired by my experiences as a single parent, I aspire to leverage my skills and insights to start a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting other single parents and their children. Specifically, I plan to focus on breaking down barriers to youth sports participation, whether through financial aid, scholarships, or logistical support to ensure all children have access to sports programs. My goal is to create a supportive community and program that empowers children to pursue their athletic aspirations while fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Additionally, I hope to embark on travel adventures, enriching my life with new experiences and perspectives along the way.

Describe your perfect day off.

My perfect day off would involve spending quality time outdoors with my son and our fur babies, whether we’re exploring the beach or hiking in the mountains. It would be a day of pure relaxation, free from the usual chores and responsibilities. To cap off the day, we’d head to a live soccer match and hope for an exciting tournament game that would end in PKs.

Thanks for sharing with us, Alisha!

To learn more about Alisha and see if she’s the right virtual assistant for you, visit her profile on our website!

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