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VA Spotlight — Cheryl Lynch

As the leading virtual assistant agency in the United States, Trusty Oak remains dedicated to providing unmatched assistance, enabling our clients to expand their businesses with efficiency. Trusted by CEOs, entrepreneurs, and consulting firms alike, our virtual assistants excel in managing vital tasks, granting their clients the freedom to reclaim as much as five hours of precious time every week.

To further acquaint business owners with our exceptional team of human virtual assistants, we regularly feature a VA Spotlight right here on our blog. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on Cheryl Lynch.

Cheryl Lynch — Rockstar Admin Assistant

Cheryl Lynch, hailing from Brunswick, Ohio, a suburb southwest of Cleveland, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her professional endeavors. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and an MBA with a specialization in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix, Cheryl exemplifies meticulousness and a keen adherence to deadlines. Her forte lies in leveraging client relationship management to drive business progression, adeptly leading cross-functional teams toward heightened productivity and the attainment of corporate goals. Cheryl’s strategic prowess shines through her adept problem-solving skills, honed through extensive experience in quality assurance, troubleshooting, and process enhancement, all contributing to sustainable growth and revenue generation.

Let’s explore Cheryl’s perspectives on her abilities and what brings her fulfillment in her role as a Trusty Oak VA.

Why did you choose to be a VA and why does this lifestyle work for you?

I like utilizing different skills in different industries.

What made you choose Trusty Oak?

I chose Trusty Oak because I like how the company is structured. Everyone here is a team player & management wants to see their VAs succeed.

What’s your superpower?


Describe your favorite place to work from.

My home office

What is your top program/app that makes your life easier as a VA?

Google Suite makes my life easier.

What hobbies or interests do you enjoy?

Reading, darts, bowling

Describe your dream client.

My dream client has the same weekly/monthly timelines (payroll, reconciliation, closing, bill pay, etc).

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still working for Trusty Oak!

Describe your perfect day off.

Laying on a beach in SW Florida

Thanks for sharing with us, Cheryl!

Think Cheryl would be a perfect fit for your business?

Visit her profile on our website to learn more!

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