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VA Spotlight — Lauren Lyman

Trusty Oak is dedicated to providing exceptional support, empowering our clients to scale their businesses with ease. Our virtual assistants are trusted by CEOs, entrepreneurs, and consulting firms to manage crucial tasks, allowing clients to reclaim up to five hours of valuable time each week.

We love shining a spotlight on our incredible team through our VA Spotlight series on the blog. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to one of our stellar VAs, Lauren Lyman.

Lauren Lyman — Well-Rounded Expert

Meet Lauren Lyman, a versatile freelancer specializing in content writing, marketing, and administration. With a background in academia and music history, Lauren graduated with a Master’s in Music History and Literature from Texas State University. She transitioned from working in music licensing to founding her own business, OtherSide Austin, where she excelled in PR, booking, artist management, and social media for DIY artists and nonprofits. Since joining Trusty Oak in January 2019, Lauren has contributed her expertise as a marketing and administrative virtual assistant and served as Social Media Manager. Now based in Brooklyn, NY, she continues to freelance while pursuing her passion for music.

Now, let’s delve into Lauren’s insights on her skills and what she finds most fulfilling in her role as a Trusty Oak VA.

Why did you choose to be a VA and why does this lifestyle work for you?

There are several reasons why I chose to be a virtual assistant, and there were a few avenues that led me here. In 2018, I got laid off from my 9-5 job, but I was already working as a solopreneur with my business, OtherSide Austin (2017-2021). I was doing marketing and public relations for artists and non-profit organizations in Austin, TX, and I was already working out of my home office. So, this lifestyle was already calling to me before I even knew it. At this time, I realized I was done with the corporate world, and I decided to dive right into the freelance and gig economy “full time”. There were adjustments, of course. I worked a couple of side jobs on top of working as a microbusiness owner. Then, later that year, I applied to Trusty Oak to sharpen my skills in marketing and administration and continue the work-from-home life. I’ve been with Trusty Oak for over 5 years (since January 2019). I can honestly say the lifestyle has given me so much freedom! Also, due to having this remote job, I was able to move from Austin to Brooklyn, NY in 2020, and it was a seamless transition!

What made you choose Trusty Oak?

I chose Trusty Oak because I really liked their values, and I could tell that they had a healthy culture from the first glance of their website and especially after meeting with Amber. I initially just wanted to piece my VA work together with my other jobs, but I am now in a place where Trusty Oak is my main source of income, and I am so grateful.

What’s your superpower?

I’d say my superpower is being able to anticipate clients’ needs. I always want to get ahead of the game and get on the same page as much as possible.

Describe your favorite place to work from.

Any cute coffee shop in New York City.

What hobbies or interests do you enjoy?

I am a classically-trained flutist, a songwriter, and I am currently in a band with my partner (who is also a VA at Trusty Oak!). Music always takes precedent as my interest, but I also like to read, explore New York City, kick back with Netflix, and spend time with my friends and my partner.

Describe your perfect day off.

It would start with brunch at Maman in SoHo, then a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Museum, and then end the night with dinner and cocktails at a swanky spot I just discovered.

Thank you for sharing, Lauren!

Do you think Lauren would be an ideal addition to your team?

Visit her profile on our website to discover more!

Melaina Hagerup

Melaina is a results-driven marketing and administrative assistant who loves empowering clients to engage their community and change the world. She is excellent at taking grandiose mission and vision statements and interpreting them into a brand story her clients can easily communicate in their online spaces to grow an engaged community of loyal followers. [more about Melaina]

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