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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Besides the plethora of tools that technology provides, it also allows for the opportunity to work with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is a professional (yes, we’re real live people, not artificial intelligence!) who can help you with your business needs and works remotely, but is only an e-mail or phone call away. There are many ways to utilize a VA (virtual assistant), but here are three main ways to consider how a VA can help you with your business.

Administrative Tasks

A VA can take over daily administrative tasks that may seem small, but often add up and end up taking too much time. Every business has different needs, but here are a few of the most common tasks a VA can handle for your business: scheduling, e-mail management, social media, writing/editing for your website or blog, doing follow-ups, working on spreadsheets, and phone calls.

If you are concerned about the difficulty of delegating tasks, it might be helpful to write a list of weekly tasks or pending items. Then you can share that list with a VA and he/she can help you prioritize and begin to work through items. Maybe you can start with one or two items and as you begin to feel comfortable with the person’s work ethic, you can grow that person’s duties.

Specialized Skill at an Affordable Price Point

A VA can bring a unique skill set and background, which can enrich and bring a different perspective to your business. For example, if your strengths lie more in programming or building websites and not so much in writing, then having a VA with excellent writing/editing skills can enhance your business. Even if you have a great business model, but your website contains grammatical errors, it may affect the professional look of your business.  If your forte is not writing or proofreading, a VA with that skill set can check for errors and improve the flow of (or sometimes rewrite) your content.

Business Growth

A VA can also help you in the growth of your business. While a VA may provide more time for you to work on your current business, you might also want to think about growing your business to the next level. Having an assistant who is familiar with your business and mission can definitely help you more readily achieve that goal. For example, a VA can help you with a campaign, help you get in touch with a particular contact, or create/schedule social media to help promote your business. 

With Trusty Oak, you can count on a team of capable VAs who each bring a unique set of skills to the table. You can even employ two virtual assistants to work on different aspects of your business. In addition, you can be sure that your business tasks will be covered, as we make sure to provide coverage for one another if one of us is unavailable for a period of time.  Because we are committed to building high-trust relationships with our clients, you can be sure that Trusty Oak will strive to provide you with quality work and regular communication.


Noemi Ortiz

Noemi is a professional with experience in various areas of administrative and communications support. She possesses a broad range of skills, and she is capable of serving in both analytical and creative roles. Noemi enjoys writing both personally and professionally.

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