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Set Fire to Your Instagram Engagement

It’s 2018 – visuals and videos are the hottest trends for connecting with your customers. Naturally, then, Instagram is playing a more prominent role in daily business life than ever before. So if your target audience is on Instagram, how are you reaching them?

Quality, Relatable Content

Before I cover how to build your Instagram following and set fire to your engagement, we need to talk about quality content. Here’s the scoop:

  • Choose an Editing Style – while you shouldn’t sacrifice sincere content in favor of every photo looking similar, there are filters and editing techniques you can employ to display your brand.
  • Post at the Right Times – you’ll have to experiment with your particular audience, but many pages have luck posting at 2 AM and 7 AM. See when your audience is most active and cater your posting based on your findings.
  • Write Good Captions – caption writing can seem simple, but well-written ones simply get more engagement. Study your competition and see what works. Use emojis to break up content, keep it concise, and make sure what you wrote is worth something to your audience.

Now, about that following…

Follower Building that Works

Follower building comes down to one thing: interacting with your demographic. If you know your ideal customer, you can find them using hashtags or even by checking out the followers of similar brands. Now that you’ve found your customers, Follow, Comment, and Like.


  1. Following individuals who might be interested in your product or service puts you right in front of them, and if they are a good fit, they often choose to follow you back. This could be the first step in the buyer’s journey.
  2. Also, follow competitors and thought leaders in your industry for inspiration!
  3. Finally, follow the hashtags that your target audience uses, and like and comment on those photos to continue the interaction.


Another way to get in front of potential leads is by commenting on their content and on the content of businesses that reflect their interests. If you are a climbing gym, comment on REI’s articles and posts for exposure!


Liking the photos of your potential leads puts your account in their notifications, and who doesn’t appreciate a good “like” on their most recent photo?

Bonus tip: Once you have followed someone, don’t let that be your only interaction. Be an active participant in your own newsfeed, liking and commenting on photos, responding to stories, and investing in your customer’s day-to-day lives. Share your own stories, maybe being a little less formal and inviting followers to learn about your life and the lives of your employees. The more real you are on Instagram, the more attractive your page and product are to everyone watching. So be human, and represent your brand transparently. Your customers will thank you with loyalty money can’t buy. Also, if you need help developing a full marketing strategy, we can help. Learn more about our custom marketing strategies today!


Hannah Lacy

Hannah is a Trusty Oak Virtual Assistant who specializes in written communication, brand development, marketing, social media and Search Engine Optimization.