Growth Starter Pack – $1,649

Hire a VA, get a team

Complete the form below to tell us what services you need, what type of VA works best for you, and submit your payment. We’ll match you with the right VA for you within five business days.

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What’s Included

  • A Strategic Partnership for Growth
    Our unique approach emphasizes building a strong partnership between clients and VAs for empowered delegation.

  • Access to Our Experienced Virtual Assistants
    With Trusty Oak, you get access to an unmatched pool of freelance talent.

  • Success Call and Roadmap
    We walk you through delegating to your virtual assistant. Get started with an Onboarding Success Call and customized Roadmap with your dedicated Client Success Coordinator.

  • Free Access to Cloverleaf coaching software helps you and your VA learn more about each other’s work and communication styles to help you deepen connection and accomplish more together.

  • Onboarding and Support
    Our high-touch onboarding program helps you delegate and our client success team supports you along the way.

  • 30 Hours for Task Work
    You’ll get more accomplished with 30 hours than ever before. When you’ve used your 30 hours, subscribe to one of our monthly plans to keep growing.

  • Delegation Resources
    You’ll receive our customized clients-only resources to make remote delegation a breeze.