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5 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Construction Company

Here at Trusty Oak, we have all kinds of clients, from authors to agencies and coaches to financial advisors

One type of client you may be surprised to hear we support is construction companies. We proudly work alongside several builders, construction businesses, and remodeling companies by handling administrative and marketing tasks so they can focus on what they do best. 

Construction work can fluctuate seasonally, and many companies rely successfully on word-of-mouth and referrals for the bulk of their leads. During the busier times of the year, many construction project managers, superintendents, and business owners are inundated with work and can’t keep up with the organizational side of the company. Bids, proposals, and phone calls become difficult to keep up with when the demand is high, often meaning missing out on potential business. A virtual assistant (VA) can be the next member of your team, helping you scale your construction company affordably with the right support and skills. Here’s how. 

1. Web Presence Management 

Many contractors and construction companies believe they don’t need fancy websites or much digital marketing—and as the experts in their field, they’re often right. Where some business owners can get it wrong is in assuming their web presence doesn’t need any attention. This can mean lost leads when your Google listing is incorrect or auto-generated, when your website is hard to navigate and unprofessional, and when potential customers can’t even find you with a quick web search. 

A virtual assistant can help you get your website up to snuff with content writing and editing. A VA can also update social media channels to create an on-brand, uniform social networking presence and curate industry-related content on your channels. A VA can help with blogging and email marketing, as well, to improve your lead nurturing and SEO. Your web presence matters in a day and age when everyone searches online before hiring; a VA can help out. 

2. Customer Service 

Is your office manager overburdened with incoming RFPs, bid requests, and phone calls? (Do you have an office manager at all?) A virtual assistant can help with back-office tasks that support your customers, reducing the burden on your current staff and improving your customer service. Speed up your bidding process and stop missing out on leads because of slow response time. Return all those unanswered emails and voicemails. Start delegating to a virtual assistant instead of working weekends. 

3. Process Improvement and Streamlining 

Virtual assistants can be whizzes at finding new ways to improve and streamline your internal processes. Whether it’s a new automation tool, an improved workflow, or a simplified communication software, your VA can introduce and help your team use the right tools for the job. A VA can also help you manage your CRM and leverage the contacts you’ve gotten over the years. If you’re looking to save time and improve internal processes, a virtual assistant can help. 

4. Recruitment and Hiring Support 

Especially during busy seasons, construction companies are often hiring. Hiring the right team is crucial, but it can take up a significant amount of time and is especially burdensome on small and medium-sized teams. A virtual assistant can help you post and publicize open jobs, manage incoming applications, weed through applicants, and schedule and/or conduct screening interviews. 

5. Project Management Support

Is your project manager overloaded and overworked? Is she or he missing important details because of a heavy workload? A virtual assistant can help. A VA can work with your project manager to keep jobs on schedule and organized by handling the small administrative tasks that pile up with every build. While your project manager focuses on core tasks such as on-site operations management and financials, a VA can make sure everything stays on track. 

Ready to take back your day?

We’re waiting to help you. Contact us to learn more about how a virtual assistant can support your construction company. 


Emily Fisk

Emily Fisk began her career in marketing after graduating from Boise State University with her B.A. in English, Rhetoric and Composition. Emily started freelancing as a writer and found Trusty Oak in 2016. Emily spent three years as a virtual assistant, helping clients build their digital marketing efforts, while taking on more responsibility as an account manager and marketing manager as Trusty Oak grew. In 2019, Emily took on the role of Marketing Director, and in 2020, she began serving as Trusty Oak's Vice President of Operations. Emily’s passion for clear communication, vibrant teamwork, and helping others find meaningful careers has made her a key part of Trusty Oak’s growth. She gets a kick out bringing Trusty Oak’s story alive and watching clients succeed. Under her leadership, the Trusty Oak marketing team has accomplished large-scale projects and numerous successful campaigns, undertaken new brand identity initiatives and launched innovative content. When she’s not working, Emily loves digging into a good book, cooking a delicious meal, and getting outside with her two daughters and husband. She lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho and is a founding member of a (totally cool, not at all nerdy) writing group.

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