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Client Spotlight—Elizabeth Scott, PhD, and Brighter Strategies, LLC

Meet Trusty Oak Client, Elizabeth Scott, PhD, and Brighter Strategies, LLC!

Elizabeth Scott, PhD, the visionary founder of Brighter Strategies, LLC, is not just about empowering organizations to operate more effectively, reach their goals, and fulfill their missions. Her mission is about inspiring change, about making a real difference. With her extensive experience in nonprofit and public sector leadership, Liz deeply understands the unique challenges and opportunities these sectors face, and she confidently tackles them head-on.

Brighter Strategies, a firm deeply rooted in the belief that optimizing people, planning, and processes drives better performance, operates with a collaborative methodology. This approach, which commences with goal setting, involves not just key stakeholders but everyone who is part of the journey. It crafts actionable plans, fosters a sense of shared purpose and belonging, and, most importantly, values every voice, making each individual feel included and valued in the process.

Liz began her partnership with Trusty Oak in November 2023, following a referral from our colleagues at Petra Coach. Trusty Oak, a leading provider of virtual assistant services, was sought to support her executive team. Liz emphasized the need for a VA who would seamlessly integrate into their team, especially following the retirement of their long-term VA of 10 years. Trusty Oak’s core-values-based approach resonated with Brighter Strategies’ commitment to values-driven leadership.

Currently, Brighter Strategies benefits from the expertise of three Trusty Oak VAs: Jackie Koenig, Damaris Rodriguez-Chalkley, and Djeneé Dunn. Jackie, with her exceptional organizational skills, oversees executive and administrative functions for the leadership team, including calendar and email management, project oversight, and documentation. Damaris, with her meticulous attention to detail, provides bookkeeping support, managing expenses with precision. Djeneé, with her creative prowess, lends her skills to design, helping craft brand collateral and presentations that enhance Brighter Strategies’ communications.

Under Liz’s guidance, Brighter Strategies continues to make a substantial impact, collaborating with nonprofits, associations, and socially-minded companies to foster sustainable growth and operational excellence. Trusty Oak’s specialized virtual assistant services allow the team to concentrate on delivering exceptional consulting solutions, reassuring their partners and potential clients of their unwavering dedication to their success.

📚 Explore Liz’s insights and strategies for organizational excellence by visiting Brighter Strategies’ website and blog.

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Melaina Hagerup

Melaina is a results-driven marketing and administrative assistant who loves empowering clients to engage their community and change the world. She is excellent at taking grandiose mission and vision statements and interpreting them into a brand story her clients can easily communicate in their online spaces to grow an engaged community of loyal followers. [more about Melaina]

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