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Client Spotlight — Trama Consulting Group

Britt Trama is the founder of Trama Consulting Group, a boutique consulting firm specializing in helping fast-growing companies turn their new managers into effective leaders. Brittany brings over 15 years of diverse experience from the corporate world, where she worked with Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Tyson Foods, and J.B. Hunt.

 As a Kolbe Certified Consultant, 90-Day Year Authorized Partner, and Tiny Habits Certified Coach, she has dedicated more than 30,000 hours to supporting nonprofits, small businesses, and corporations. Her passion lies in helping new leaders accelerate their performance through rapid upskilling. Britt’s career is marked by the development of tailored, impactful training programs designed to meet the unique needs of leaders and their teams.

In August 2022, Britt found Trusty Oak through her own online research (yay, SEO!) and, after speaking with our team, decided to invest in herself and her business by making the impactful decision to partner with a virtual assistant. She embraced our onboarding process and asked great questions to learn how she can be successful with a VA. 

Britt initially worked with a couple of different VAs – one for project coordination and admin and the other for social media and event coordination work. As needs and expectations evolved, the work transitioned to one amazing, multitalented VA, Alisha Soukaseume. Alisha’s top skills include project management, writing, and marketing. She serves Trama Consulting Group as their business operations manager, handling various tasks and communication to help Britt provide her clients with a high-touch experience. Alisha helps with workshop coordination, scheduling, research, CRM management, team task management, HR tasks, business development, and more!

Britt is an intentional leader, and the world is better because of her work training others to lead intentionally, too. We’re pleased to support Britt as she increases the incredible impact of Trama Consulting Group.

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Melaina Hagerup

Melaina is a results-driven marketing and administrative assistant who loves empowering clients to engage their community and change the world. She is excellent at taking grandiose mission and vision statements and interpreting them into a brand story her clients can easily communicate in their online spaces to grow an engaged community of loyal followers. [more about Melaina]

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