Online Business Managers

A Trusty Oak virtual assistant can improve your team’s productivity by evaluating your workflows and processes and recommending ways to improve efficiency. We understand that sometimes nothing can replace human interaction, but we can implement technology to streamline your daily processes for optimal productivity.

Let your VA document processes, create order forms, Google forms, checklists, and handoff sheets to save time and reduce stress due to common breakdowns in communication. Virtual assistants are natural organizers and their attention to detail keeps things running more smoothly than ever. Trusty Oak virtual assistants go the extra mile to understand what challenges you are facing, and they proactively look for ways to remove the sand from the gears.

A Trusty Oak virtual assistant can research and suggest apps, software, and services that improve team communication and internal processes. Sometimes an entrepreneur doesn’t know what they don’t know! A Trusty Oak VA learns the unique aspects and goals of your business and could find the perfect tool to decrease the time spent on your daily operations. If you are looking for a higher level of support, and really need a strategic thinker to focus on operations, schedule your free delegation strategy session today!


Marketing Support

“Seven out of ten consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available on a social media site.” (comScore Networks/TMP Directional Marketing)

Your business needs an online presence, but who has time to keep it fresh? The business owners who hire someone to focus on social media – that’s who. A Trusty Oak virtual assistant can execute a strategy created by a marketing professional to ensure that your online accounts always have new and engaging content.

Hire a Trusty Oak virtual assistant to:

  • Write and post content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Design branded images to share on your business’ social media channels
  • Ghostwrite blog posts and post to your blog
  • Upload podcasts and transcribe audio or video content to improve SEO
  • Manage a monthly email newsletter
  • Create brand documents such as brochures, PowerPoint presentations, flyers and more


Executive Assistant

A Trusty Oak virtual assistant can decrease the time you spend on basic but necessary planning. They can book your travel and plan an itinerary or check your email while you are out on vacation or attending a long meeting or conference. Or, maybe you are traveling and wondering where the nearest great coffee shop with dependable wifi is – your VA can find a perfect spot for your office on the road!

Hire a virtual executive assistant to:

  • Book travel and plan itineraries
  • Manage your inbox and calendars
  • Update your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • Send handwritten cards to your prospects and clients



If you find yourself wasting hours or even days on very mundane work such as updating Excel reports, entering data, or transcribing audio recordings, consider hiring a Trusty Oak virtual assistant to handle these time-sucking tasks so you can get back to growing your business and delighting your customers.

Hire a Trusty Oak assistant to:

  • Respond to customer emails and book appointments
  • Proofread proposals, agreements or website content
  • Transcribe audio or video content
  • Perform data entry
  • Schedule appointments
  • Create and send estimates and invoices
  • Follow up on past due accounts
  • Order supplies


These are just some of the tasks Trusty Oak Virtual Assistants can handle. Contact us today to talk about your needs.

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