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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Virtual Assistant

There are many ways to show your Virtual Assistant you appreciate them this season. There are many ways to show your Virtual Assistant you appreciate them this season. Don’t miss a chance to give them the perfect gift to say “thanks!”

Whether it’s a “Where have you been all my life?” kind-of-gift or a “Good job on that client project!” gift, your Virtual Assistant loves feeling the difference they make in your business. A great Virtual Assistant not only keeps you from the brink of insanity but believes in you and wants to see you succeed. So in honor of all the amazing Virtual Assistants, we’ve compiled five simple but unique ways to thank your virtual office hero this holiday season!

A Personalized Photo Box (with a surprise inside!)

Greetabl –

Best for: Everyone

DIY Photo Box. Greetabl. Pricing varies but starts at $12 (not incl. shipping).

If you believe big things come in small packages then Greetabl’s DIY photo box will make you smile! This fun gift can be customized in 3 easy steps: 1) Choose your box design, 2) Pick your gift, 3) Customize with a personal message and photos. Gift options range from small candies to confetti, candles, tea, and more! This is a simple but unique gift that feels personal and thoughtful. It’s the perfect way to say thank you during the holidays and for other special occasions such as birthdays! A definite winner in the gift-giving game. 

TL;DR: This thoughtful greeting card-in-a-box adds an element of surprise with a twist – Papyrus ain’t got nothing on this.

Our Rating (5 stars/Out of 5) : ★★★★★

A Sugar Rush

Sugarfina –

Best for: Everyone

Spooky Sweets 3PC Coffin Candy Bento Box. Sugarfina, $28

If only we could be paid in candy skulls and zombie gummies all the time! This luxury candy boutique will leave your sweet tooth with one spooky craving. While Halloween season is in full swing at Sugarfina, the online candy seller specializes in creating seasonal and thematic candy boxes all year long. So I’d keep a lookout for what’s in the queue for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s another sweet-tific gift idea for your Virtual Assistant and sure to leave a lasting impression. 

TL;DR: Be ready to splurge on this candy bento box designed to be enjoyed in every season and occasion!   

Our Rating (5 stars/Out of 5) : ★★★★★

Business or Life Coaching Session

Blush Online Life Coaching –

Best for: Blush serves women in their 20’s and mid-30’s, but happily invites men to join

Blush Online Life Coaching, Gift a session of any amount

We don’t know a single soul who wouldn’t have loved a business or life coach when first launching their business. Virtual Assistants are business owners too and need support! Blush makes coaching affordable and modern by offering web-based video sessions with one of their certified coaches. The company operates 100% remotely and serves men and women worldwide. It’s so life-changing and convenient, you may want to gift yourself a session! Gift a session of any amount but keep in mind a la carte prices start at $50/per video session and $25/per journal. Promo Code: blush25 for 25% off your first monthly subscription or individual session.

TL;DR: Life coaching made affordable and accessible to anyone, anywhere!

Our Rating (5 stars/Out of 5) : ★★★★★

Office Decor

Girl Boss Boutique –

Best for: Women

Christmas Gifts for Virtual Assistants

A flamingo figurine. Girl Boss Boutique, $10.80

Nothing says thank you like some essential but stylish decor. Now warning, Girl Boss Boutique specializes in cutesy (aka girly) decor and there’s an adorable flamingo figurine to prove it (picture above for proof). Flamingos aside, there are many other practical gifts worth mentioning like a customizable tee shirts (adding something like “Best Virtual Assistant” will score you a few points!), planners, and passport covers. Since Virtual Assistants often work from home (but not always), creating the perfect home office that gets you quickly into work mode isn’t always easy to do. Plus the cost of financing your own office supplies can add up fast. Any Virtual Assistant would appreciate some added office flair. However, if you want to stay clear of overly feminine gifts, then you may want to pass on Girl Boss Boutique. Pricing varies but items start as low as $10 (not incl. shipping).

TL;DR: A great e-commerce store for feminine office decor; perfect for your chic assistant but not for everyone!

Our Rating (5 stars/Out of 5) : ★★★★★

Starbucks Gift Card

Starbucks –

Best for: Everyone

Pricing varies but gift cards are typically preset at $15.

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with a Starbucks gift card. Coffee makes the world go around and your VA will thank you every morning for it! If you have a large team of VA’s, you could even load up a single Starbucks card with $50 and share the barcode with your team as a treat! With coffee, the possibilities are endless. 

TL;DR: But first, coffee.

Our Rating (5 stars/Out of 5) : ★★★★★

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts, and your Virtual Assistant will appreciate it! The best way to give a good gift is to learn your Virtual Assistant’s passions and hobbies. Not sure how to ask? Consider using a New Team Member Survey to ask your VA and other new employees about themselves during onboarding to build even more team spirit. Happy gifting! 

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