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Need Extra Help During Tax Season? Hire a Bookkeeping VA!


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If you are considering pulling your hair out right now, you may be a CPA during tax season. Each year, Certified Public Accountants have their busy season, and we are in the thick of it right now. So how are you handling it? Do you have enough time and can you meet your deadlines, or are you struggling just to organize the information sent to you in 10 different emails from the same client? Disorganized information is often the plight of the CPA, and it could take hours to systematically arrange each client’s documents before starting the actual work.

Challenges CPAs Face During Tax Season

A common challenge CPAs face once part way into tax season is meeting client expectations and deadlines. Deadlines that used to seem realistic can quickly become frightening when your inbox fills up with disorganized documentation.

CPA firms also face issues with delegation as work piles up and each employee is already overloaded. It is hard to find help when no one has time for their own tasks. It’s during times like these that we could all use an assistant.

That is why Trusty Oak would like to offer CPA’s and bookkeepers a break. Throughout the months of March and April, Trusty Oak is offering a 20% discount on all bookkeeping services. Our Virtual Bookkeeping Assistant, has years of experience in bookkeeping and is ready at this moment to lighten your load this tax season. We also have a team of Virtual Assistants to help with administrative work, marketing and more.

How Can We Help?

Organization is our forte, and we are ready to tackles those disorganized client files. During this tax season, offload:

  • client communication
  • meeting scheduling
  • file organization
  • other administrative tasks

Let us help you with the busy work while you do your job.

If you or your organization are overloaded this tax season, help is an email or phone call away. Take advantage of our 20% off discount and get connected to the perfect Virtual Assistant to help your company succeed today!



Hannah Lacy

Hannah is a Trusty Oak Virtual Assistant who specializes in written communication, brand development, marketing, social media and Search Engine Optimization.

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