Trusty Oak was founded to support
ambitious people in pursuit of big dreams.

It turns out that we can do that for two distinct groups of people: small business owners and professionals looking for a flexible alternative to a traditional 9 to 5 job.

Our clients include family-owned businesses, CEOs, national speakers, CPAs, realtors, and more – and we have the opportunity to help each of them take their success to a new level. We take the tedious, time-consuming tasks off their plate so they can focus on the activities that increase revenue and grow their business.

Our virtual assistants have the opportunity to serve and use their unique skill sets to support these growing businesses and still pursue their own big dreams –  to stay home with their young children, travel for world missions, or build a small business of their own.

Whatever the dream,
Trusty Oak can help you make it a reality.

Our Values

  • We believe that trust is equal parts character and competence, so we as individuals focus on developing both parts.
  • We believe that trust always affects two things: speed and cost. When trust is high, speed goes up and cost goes down. We are committed to building high-trust relationships with our team and our clients.
  • We believe that the way to greatness is by serving many, and when we serve leaders our impact is exponential.
  • We value frequent, clear communication and follow through on even the smallest of commitments.

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