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I’m a Lawyer – Can a Virtual Assistant Work For Me?

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If you have come across this article, you most likely were doing an internet search about getting help running your law firm.  Especially if you are starting out, the sheer volume of things you do each day as a solo practitioner may overwhelm you.  You learn a LOT in law school, but how to run your own firm is not one of them. Welcome to Virtual Paralegal 101!  

You’ve Filed Your Claim….Now What?  

Legally Blonde reference aside, going out on your own as a lawyer is a big step.  You know the law like the back of your hand, but that alone is not enough to be successful.  Like any other commercial venture, a law firm is a business, and Trusty Oak is here to help you!  We have several virtual assistants who have experience working in law firms, covering everything from marketing your new firm to dealing with clients professionally and comfortingly and keeping all those court deadlines straight.  As a modern lawyer, there are countless ways that a virtual paralegal can help you.

  • No expensive office rental is needed. Our virtual assistants are fully equipped to handle everything from their own workspace.  Saving that money on renting means more profits directly in your pocket. 
  • Experience Included. Your paralegal already has a wealth of knowledge about drafting and filing court documents, case management, and calendaring deadlines. They most likely also have a large catalog of templates, so you don’t have to create documents from scratch. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • Save on Salary.  With a virtual paralegal, you only pay for the time they work. This means you get a concentrated effort on all the tasks you assign without having to pay someone just for sitting in an office during traditional 9-5 hours.   
  • Modern Efficiency.  The pandemic showed us the importance of embracing modern technology, such as DocuSign, E-filing, and other virtual tools. You can be sure that a Trusty Oak virtual assistant is up on the latest in the industry.  
  • More Bang For Your Buck.  When you buy a subscription from Trusty Oak, not only do you have an experienced paralegal on your team.  You also have the option of consulting with a marketing professional, an IT wizard, an HR guru, and more!  

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What Can A Paralegal Do For Me?

Many attorneys, especially those just starting out, don’t realize just how much work can be done by a paralegal.  While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some of the most important tasks:

  • Calendar management
  • Requesting and summarizing medical records
  • Drafting and filing court documents
  • Assistance with scheduling (client appointments, hearings, trial dates, etc.)
  • Client communication
  • Drafting demand letters
  • Case status tracking
  • Trademark & copyright search and monitoring
  • Assistance with forming business entities
  • Applying for EINs
  • Drafting and filing deeds
  • Scheduling depositions
  • So. Much. More.

Good Help Is Hard To Find

Paralegals are an invaluable resource to have on your side.  However, like any other profession, there are people with varying experience levels, strengths, weaknesses, and personalities.  When you purchase a subscription to Trusty Oak, you can be confident that any candidates sent for your review have been pre-screened by our professional management team, so you are getting the best of the best. 

Compared to passing the bar exam, hiring a virtual paralegal for your firm is a breeze!  Learn more about Trusty Oak, read our FAQ’s or make an appointment to speak with Client Success here.

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